MHSc Health Administration

MHSc Webinar for Prospective Students 
Nov. 17, 2022

Cultivating Healthcare Leaders.

Program Director: Karen Born

Integration of the field of practice into all aspects of the program, facilitated by strong relationships with leading health care practitioners, provincial and national organizations.

A faculty of leading researchers who incorporate the latest health services research and innovative thinking into teaching.

A strong competency-based format that places emphasis on experiential learning.

The high caliber of students enrolled in the program – professionals from all segments of the health sector.

A comprehensive approach to meet today’s complex health care environment.

The Master of Health Science in Health Administration program combines health policy, business and management.

Preparing graduates for the unique demands of leadership within the healthcare sector, the program brings business and management principles into alignment with a health services focus. Graduates are skilled at applying innovative solutions to the issues and constraints of the healthcare environment.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum equips graduates with a solid foundation in key areas of leadership knowledge including: health policy and economics, health care trends and issues, strategic planning, change management and quality, marketing, outcomes and evaluation, human resource management, information systems, accounting and finance, and quantitative decision-making methods.

  • A two-year graduate program, the MHSc’s modular format allows high-achieving professionals to earn a degree without interrupting their careers.
  • IHPME faculty are the foremost thinkers, researchers and practitioners influencing our health care system today. Guest faculty members from leading-edge health services organizations provide insights to help students apply theory to real world situations.
  • Interactive, competency-based learning allows students to build a portfolio of experience reflecting real-work exposure and achievement.
  • Practicum placements deliver valuable experiential learning under the supervision and mentorship of top health sector executives.
  • Classmates include managers and professionals from all segments of the public and private health sectors. Learning is enhanced by the opportunity to share skills and knowledge with others with diverse professional backgrounds and experiences.
  • An active alumni association offers graduates opportunities for continued networking and lifelong learning.

A broad welcome

The Program welcomes applications from:

  • Senior managers who wish to enhance their leadership through new knowledge and improved skills.
  • Mid-level managers who wish to build their expertise and skills in order to lead more effectively, obtain more senior responsibilities and/or change their career path.
  • Physicians and other health service professionals either seeking to enter or currently holding leadership positions.
  • Managers from other industries who seek to obtain senior positions within the health sector.