Admission Requirements – MHSc

Please see the recording of the Prospective Applicant Webinar here.

The Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation uses a broad based approach to assess applicants to the Program:

  • Academic performance – Applicants must have a high academic standing equivalent to a B+ (77%-79%) or better, on each of the last two years of a four-year undergraduate program, or its equivalent from a recognized university. A variety of 4-year undergraduate degrees offer a suitable basis for admission, including degrees in arts, sciences, business and clinical areas. Some prior preparation in quantitative courses such as statistics, accounting, and micro-economics is preferred.
  • Experience – In most cases, applicants must have a minimum of three years relevant clinical or management experience (following undergraduate degree or training), preferably in the health or related sector.
  • References – The Program values the perceptions of individuals who can speak to the applicant’s leadership potential in a work setting (colleagues, supervisors, senior leaders, etc.).
  • Motivation – Faculty place a high premium on candidates who have strong motivation and can ensure ongoing commitment throughout the Program. Motivation is evaluated through an applicant’s letter of intent and through the admissions interview process (where possible).

Using the broad based admissions approach, the candidate’s strengths and suitability will be determined for admissions. Your application will be assessed by:

  • Review of Application – All applications are reviewed and ranked. Approximately one third of applicants will continue to the next stage of the process – the interview.
  • Interview – The 1.5 hour interview has two components. First, candidates will participate in a set of three standardized interviews of 15 minutes in length. The interviews will be conducted by  two program faculty members and a second year student. Questions will focus on critical leadership competencies as defined by the National Centre for Healthcare Leadership and Hay Group, Toronto. The second component of the interview is a one-on-one meeting with either the MHSc Program Director or Graduate Coordinator.
  • Final Assessment – The Institute’s Admissions Committee will conduct a final review of the candidate’s academic performance, work experience, references, motivation and interview ranking to determine a final ranking. The MHSc Program accepts approximately 40 students each year.

Admissions 2020

155 applications received, 38 offers made.

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