The MHSc program provides several opportunities for learners to provide feedback to the faculty and Program Director on what is working and what could be improved. The MHSc program encourages students to be as forthright and sincere as possible. In turn, the faculty and Program Director will listen to and respond to your comments and suggestions.  Your input is invaluable to the evolution of courses and the program.


There will be considerable team learning for both in-class and pre-class assignments.  When starting the program in September, you will be assigned to a group for  Blocks 1 and 2. The groups will be reorganized by the Program Director for Blocks 3 and 4. The skills and experience of each member will help determine the composition of the groups.

Projects completed by a group will earn a group grade. This requires all students to participate and contribute in a way that meets group expectations.  In some courses, faculty may include in the group grade a portion of the mark provided by peer evaluation/review.


The School of Graduate Studies grade scale is as follows:

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent
A+ 90-100%
A 85-89%
A- 80-84%
B+ 77-79%
B 73-76%
B- 70-72%
FZ ** 0-69%

**Failure to maintain good academic standing may result in various sanctions, including ineligibility for financial assistance, lowest priority for bursaries and assistantships, and even termination of registration.​**  SGS General Regulations