Program Curriculum

The sequencing of the courses throughout the program provides for the more fundamental material to be offered near the beginning.  The course sequence, with the name of the course instructor, is listed below. All are half credit courses unless otherwise indicated.


Block 1 (September – December)

HAD5010H Canada’s Health System and Health Policy – Part 1 K. Kuluski / F. Morton-Chang
This course critically analyses key issues and trends in Canada’s health care system using an analytic “tool kit” derived from the fields of health policy analysis and public administration.
HAD5711H Theory and Practice of Strategic Planning and Management in Health Services Organizations J. Goldhar / A. Wojtak
This course offers an examination of concepts and process relevant to strategic planning in health services organizations.
HAD5713H Introduction to Health Information Systems M. Fam
Role of health information at the individual, organizational and system level.
HAD5724H Quantitative Methods for Health Services Management and Policy K. Pitzul
Basic quantitative skills necessary for health services administration.

Block 2 (January – April)

HAD5020H Canada’s Health System and Health Policy – Part 2 F. Miller
This course continues the examination of key concepts and issues in Canadian Health Policy started in HAD5010H
HAD5721H Strategic Management of Quality and Organizational Behaviour in Health Services Organizations M. Pinard / K. Born
Current approaches to assessing and improving the quality of health services.
HAD5723H Health Services Accounting I. Daniel
This course focuses on financial and managerial accounting topics applicable to health services organizations.
HAD5770H Program Planning and Evaluation V. Rac
Overview of the concepts and models of program planning and evaluation applicable to health services organizations.

Block 3 (May – July)

HAD5731H Translating Leadership Into Practice T. Smith / C. Shea
This courses focuses on the mastery of personal, behavioural leadership competencies through reflective practice.
HAD5733H Health Services Finance W. Wodchis
This course will concentrate on strategic corporate finance concepts applicable to health services.
HAD5761H Introduction to eHealth S. Isaacksz / A. Villa
Information systems (IS) and its use in health care.
HAD6010Y Practicum (One full credit) A. Sriharan
8-week field placement
HAD6011H Practicum Extension (One half credit) A. Sriharan
4-week field placement extension



Block 4 (September – December)

HAD5725H Health Economics A. Detsky
This course explores the economic foundations of health policy development and health services management and facilitates the development of skills in the use of economic theories, evaluation and related topics for administrative decision-making.
HAD5741H Health Law and Ethics A. Nador / A. Wilbee
Legal and ethical issues arising in health administration, different approaches to solutions, basic foundation of legal and ethical concepts and their application to health administration.
HAD5769H Human Resources Management and Labour Relations in the Health Field T. Perreira
This course explores the employment relationship and the social, economic and regulatory context within which that relationship is defined.
HAD5736H Operations Research: Tools for Quantitative Health Care Decision Making D. Aleman / M. Carter
This course introduces quantitative methods and their applications to health care decision making.
HAD5767H Health Services Marketing J. Irving
This course familiarizes students with the major marketing concepts and enables the application of these concepts to health services issues via coursework.

Block 5 (January – April)

HAD5775H Competition, Cooperation and Strategy in Health Care A. Brown / D. Klein
This course explores the application of strategy and performance measurement frameworks to cases from the for-profit, not-for-profit and non-profit sectors in health care and the life sciences.
HAD5800H Developing a Leadership Competency Portfolio T. Smith / C. Shea
Learning Portfolios are used as a mechanism for demonstrating growth and mastery across a representative breadth of competencies for professional success. The process involves personal reflection, peer-feedback and self-assessment of strengths and gaps in competency development.
HAD5765H Case Studies in Health Policy R. Deber
This course analyses the formation and implementation of public policy through the use of case studies, focused on important theoretical concepts.
HAD5777H Leading and Managing Change: Building Adaptive Capacity T. Smith / C. Shea
This course presents learners with a leadership framework that focuses on building the capacity within themselves, their teams and their organizations to respond adaptively to the depth, pace and scope of change.