Clinical Epidemiology Yellow Book

1.4 Selecting a Supervisor

In order to supervise a MSc thesis student, faculty must sit on 2 IHPME MSc thesis committees through to completion.  However, understanding that many MSc students transfer to a PhD degree, sitting on 1 PhD committee to completion and having served on/serving on one other student’s MSc or PhD committee may similarly qualify. In order to supervise a PhD student, faculty must have supervised a MSc student through to completion.

While other concentrations may have different guidance, CEHCR requires a single supervisor (i.e., 2 co-supervisors or co-supervision is not permitted). Note that supervisory status does not equate with an authorship position on individual papers, which should be discussed and decided among the student, supervisor and committee for each potential publication, in accordance with the ICMJE authorship recommendations (

SGS – Find a Supervisor: full information on supervision

SGS – Graduate Supervision Guidelines: Faculty- [PDF]: includes checklist–Introduction.aspx

New Faculty Orientation: June 2017 (CEHCR) – [PDF]