Admission Requirements – HPER

Successful applicants will have an excellent record of scholarship and an aptitude for health services research. Applicants will ideally have completed a thesis Master’s degree or have equivalent research experience.

Applicants should have graduated from their Masters program with at least a B+ average. As part of the application process, two confidential letters of reference are to be submitted that indicate to the graduate program committee the applicant’s preparation and competence to conduct research studies.

Applicants are also requested to provide a statement of intent that includes: an outline of their research interests; a statement of their interest in health professions education research; and a description of the specific areas of research they would like to pursue. Applicants are also required to provide a Curriculum Vitae and demonstrate proof of English Proficiency (if needed). Applicants with a non-thesis master’s degree are also required to submit a writing sample in their application package. Although, it does not guarantee admissions, selecting a potential supervisor is helpful in structuring the letter of intent required for your application.