System Leadership and Innovation

Transforming Health Systems

Webinar for Prospective MSc SLI Students
November 4, 2021

Program Director:  Abi Sriharan

MSc in System Leadership and Innovation (SLI) is a first of its kind program to offer a specific focus on health systems innovation and transformation.  MSc SLI provides a transdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates health systems science, organizational behaviour, health policy, innovation science and systems leadership. This program provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from internationally renowned faculty, top healthcare leaders and decision-makers in Canada and around the world.   You can complete this program on a part time or full time basis, without interrupting your career.

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Research and Practice

The curriculum for the MSc SLI concentration provides a solid foundation in system leadership and innovation theory, practice and research methods. Students will explore the foundations of leadership and system innovation and develop the necessary skills to lead change and to create evidence on where change is most needed, how innovation can be developed and implemented and how to systematically assess the impact of change on all aspects of the health system. The curriculum provides both course work and supervised practicum experiences in real-world health settings. Students will be able to develop core skills that are applicable in a range of situations, to specializes, and focus their training on specific aspects and areas of our health care system. The core curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Systems Leadership
  • Health Sector Strategy
  • Complexity of Healthcare
  • Health Systems Innovation
  • Health Policy

Welcome to Aspiring Leaders

The MSc concentration in Systems Leadership and Innovation is designed for emerging physician leaders who want to be at the forefront of health system innovation and transformation. We are looking for:

  • Medical Students with a commitment and leadership potential to lead systems transformation
  • Early-career physicians who are completing their residencies and fellowships and looking to champion systems level leadership or transformation

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