Radiant Connectivity in the Healthcare World

IHPME’s partnerships are guided by our Policy on IHPME Partnerships: October 28, 2015 – [PDF]. This document contains the principles, criteria and processes that should inform efforts to build and sustain IHPME partnerships.

“IHPME is well known for its many partnerships. These are a vital component of IHPME’s success and something that is highly valued by all faculty and students. Our partnerships with healthcare providers, public agencies and other academic units help us translate our findings and develop new perspectives on the most important problems facing health systems.”

2015 Message from Interim Director Rhonda Cockerill.

We have hundreds of alliances within health services agencies, health care facilities, universities and government agencies — a cascading network of relationships between IHPME and our students, and individuals or groups moving the health system forward.

Our Senior Fellows comprise a cadre of senior health system leaders who participate in IHPME.

Our Adjunct Faculty is drawn from senior executive levels across healthcare to bring best practices into the learning dialogue.

Our Masters of Health Informatics and MHSc Health Administration engage a volume of practicum partners bringing our students into live settings — and often enabling career opportunities for professional program graduates.

Our dialogue with prospective partners continues.