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Special Note for Transcripts: Please scan and upload all your transcripts to the application portal. Official sealed transcripts will be requested if you are selected to move forward to the interview stage.

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Individual IHPME programs provide notes and guidelines as to who is best suited to apply.

Applying to IHPME is an Online Process via the School of Graduate Studies

Applications to the Graduate Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) through an online admissions application housed on a secure server in the University of Toronto.

To start the process

If you are applying to a program starting in Summer 2022, continue using the previous application system.

If you are applying to a program starting in Fall 2022 or later, apply through SGS Slate Application

Please note that the Statement of Intent is to be uploaded through the Slate Checklist after submitting the application. Please upload this document before the deadline in order for your application to be considered complete.

In both systems, you will create a personal profile and begin the submission. Set aside 30-60 minutes to create a personal profile on the online application system, including your personal information and academic history. Please note that you will not be able to make changes to this information after paying the application fee.

If you are a first-time applicant, click the link to Create an Account to begin your application. You will receive a verification code via email as part of the account creation process. After entering your verification code, you will create a password for your account. You may save and return to the application at any point in the process. To view the status of your application, including outstanding requirements, please log in to your account to view your applicant status portal.

The fee to file an application is non-refundable. Currently the fee is $125.00 (payable in Canadian funds only).

Please visit SGS FAQs for information relevant to all graduate studies at the University of Toronto.

SGS Admission Guide

Admission Process

The IHPME Admissions Committee will consider your application only after you have entered your personal and academic information in the online application, submitted the application fee and all of your supporting documentation online.

Upon review of the applications, applicants may be called for an interview with members of the Institute Admissions Committee.

Evaluation Process

Eligible candidates will go through an interview process, based on which, a decision will be made by the admissions committee.

  • Candidates will be informed of the status of their application from March to end of May.
  • Once a decision has been made, an official written notification will be sent via the application website
  • To view the status of your application, including outstanding requirements, please log in to your account on the applicant status portal.

If all of the admissions criteria are not fulfilled, the successful candidate will be provided with a conditional offer of admission. Registration will be confirmed only upon clearing all the conditions. Instructions for clearing the conditions will be provided.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees per program.

University of Toronto and IHPME Support

Graduate Student Funding Options

Submission Deadlines – 2022 Start


Start Date

Deadline (5 p.m.)

Start Date

MSc/PhD Clin Epi Sept 24, 2021 Nov 15, 2021 July 2022
PhD HPER Sept 24, 2021 Nov 15, 2021 Sept 2022
MSc/PhD HSR Sept 24, 2021 Nov 15, 2021 Sept 2022
MSc QIPS Sept 24, 2021 Nov 30, 2021 Sept 2022
MSc SLI (UME/PGME) Sept 24, 2021 Feb 15, 2022 June 2022
MHI Sept 24, 2021 Jan 14, 2022 Sept 2022
MHI (Executive) Sept 24, 2021 Feb 11, 2022 Sept 2022
MHSc Sept 24, 2021 Feb 01, 2022 Sept 2022

Deadlines aren’t extendable and late or incomplete applications may not be reviewed.

Special Note for MSc/PhD CEHCR Applicants

  • Clin Epi applicants will need to complete a background information form and an additional information form which can be downloaded from the application once payment of the application fee is made. These documents must be completed and uploaded to the application by the deadline or your application may not be considered.

Special Note for MSc/PhD HSR Applicants

  • HSR applicants should indicate their Emphasis under the “Area of Study” on the SGS online application.
  • Due to the nature of our funding arrangements, preference will be given to applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. International applicants with pre-arranged funding should indicate the funding source in their Letter of Intent.

Special Note for MHI Applicants

  • Applicants to the MHI Executive program should indicate in their letter of intent that they would like to be considered for the Executive option.
  • Admission preference will be given to applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents. International applicants may be considered once domestic applications have been reviewed.

Clinician Investigator Program

Students applying to either of the CEHCR concentrations are eligible to apply to the Clinician Investigator Program.

What is the CIP? The University of Toronto Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) is an accredited postgraduate medical training program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Its aim is to prepare individuals for a career combining specialty medical practice and research. The areas of research available for study include not only the traditional areas of laboratory and clinical biomedical research, but also such fields as economics and management, social behavioural and information sciences as they apply to health and disease.

English Language Proficiency

If your primary language is not English and you graduated from a university where the language of instruction and examination was not in English, then you must demonstrate your proficiency in English. This requirement will be waived by the Graduate Office after the application deadline, if it is not applicable.

At this time, we understand that scheduling an English proficiency test may be delayed due to the pandemic. If you are experiencing delays please upload your proof of registration in the next available testing date.

English-Language Proficiency Testing

Connect with IHPME Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants are are available to help with information or application troubleshooting with regards to your specific program or concentration of interest.

MSc/PhD – Health Services Research

Graduate Assistant
Zeina Keisse
ihpme.hsr.grad@utoronto.ca 416-946-4100

MSc/PhD – Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research

Graduate Assistant
Devrim Sen
clinepi.grad@utoronto.ca 416-946-3486

MSc – Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Graduate Assistant
Christina Lopez
ihpme.qips.grad@utoronto.ca 416-978-1108

MSc – System Leadership and Innovation

Graduate Assistant
Christina Lopez
ihpme.sli.grad@utoronto.ca 416-978-1108

MHSc – Health Administration

Graduate Assistant
Zeina Keisse
ihpme.mhsc.grad@utoronto.ca 416-946-4100

MHI – Health Informatics

Graduate Assistant
Devrim Sen
ihpme.mhi.grad@utoronto.ca 416-946-3486