Mentorship Programs at IHPME

Mentoring is a strategic, formal approach to initially develop graduate students within IHPME for readiness in their chosen profession, career or field of study, and subsequently, after graduation as Alumni, for professional development and career advancement.

Mentorship student programs within IHPME provide currently enrolled students with access to mentor(s) through whom the student is provided with access to the knowledge, experience and insights for employment and career advancement.

The Student and Alumni Mentorship Programmes Committee functions as an IHPME Standing Committee with the goal of assessing student and alumni input to inform the future development and implementation of student and alumni mentorship programmes in IHPME.  The Committee includes representatives of faculty, students, alumni and the IHPME Graduate Student Union to ensure broad input to inform its work.”

The following student mentorship programmes are available to students across all IHPME programs.  The list includes the name of the initiative, a brief description and contact person for each initiative.

For more information about student mentorship programmes at IHPME, please contact the Chair of the IHPME Standing Committee on Student and Alumni Mentorship Programmes (Wendy Nelson  or the Graduate Student Union (



Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Vernissage Health An intensive leadership development and mentoring initiative offered annually. Available to IHPME students via application only. This is an evening six session small group dialogue series between students and experienced health care executives from the field.

Wendy Nelson, Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow Mentorship Initiative IHPME students can request and be assigned a Senior Fellow for 1:1 mentorship, or project supervision.  Group mentorship sessions and information seminars delivered by Senior Fellows are also available during the year Terry Sullivan,
Research Day Held in May, this annual one-day showcase of IHPME student research and practicum projects includes oral and poster presentations students, judging panels and awards. The event also includes keynote address with expert panel.  Students must submit research abstracts to participate.  Award reception and networking event closes Research Day. Whitney Berta,

Graduate Student Union – GSU

The Graduate Student Union (GSU) of the IHPME has developed mentorship programs to support students during their graduate studies and connects “students with students” for mentorship, coaching and support.  The following offerings are currently overseen by the GSU:

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
The IHPME Peer Support Program (Peer to Peer Mentoring) Available to HSR, MHI and MHSc Students, the Peer Support Program connects incoming (first year) students with upper year students in the same academic stream to share knowledge and experience about the learning experience within IHPME and support transitions through academic programmes. GSU
Student Alumni Mentorship Program The program matches upper year IHPME students with IHPME alumni who have recently graduated from the program.  The goal is to help graduate students in advanced stages of study to transition to their professional field and to explore future careers opportunities.  This program is currently only available to HSR students but will be expanded to MHI and MHSc students in future years. GSU

MHSc (Health Administration)

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Peer Support Program Matches Year 1 with Year 2 MHSc students for support and coaching upon enrolment to the programme Tina Smith,
Coaching for Leadership Development Based on 360 degree review of leadership practices during coursework, MHSc students can request 1:1 faculty coaching by the Programme Director or Executive in Residence Tina Smith / Malcolm Moffatt Executive in Residence,
Executive in Residence A senior health executive is available, by appointment, to MHSc students during regular office hours on campus. This individual provides students with one-on-one and group‎ mentoring activities, including career advice, resume writing tips, and interviewing skills. Malcolm Moffatt, Executive in residence,
Practicum Placements MHSc preceptors provide field based mentorship to students Tina Smith,
World Café and Senior Leadership Networking As part of required coursework, MHSc student participate in a number of round table forums with senior health executives at different points in their management careers. Tina Smith,
CCHL Mentorship Progamme Through student memberships with the Canadian College of Health Leaders, MHSc students can access mentors from across the country. Tina Smith,


MHI (Health Informatics)

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Orientation to Professional Networking During orientation of first year students, an introduction to networking and a networking session is offered to students with faculty, second year students and MHI alumni. Karim Keshavjee
Pre Practicum Mentoring This MHI course supports the student’s practicum experience by providing professional skills development including career planning, resume writing, interviewing skills and networking skills. Cristina Tassone
Executive MHI Project This MHI course focuses on professional skills required of Health Informatics professionals during informatics projects. The course addresses project leadership, project management and tracking, and development of project communication skills. Karim Keshavjee
Student/Alumni Event This annual event encourages networking between all MHI students and provides peer based support by Alumni for those students entering the workforce. Karim Keshavjee


MSc QIPS (Quality Improvement and Patient Safety)

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Project Mentorship Program MSc preceptors who are alumni provide support and mentorship to QIPS students during projects. Christine Shea,
Practicum Placements MSc preceptors provide field based mentorship to students during project and field practicums. The Project Practicum course is offered to students in conjunction with the practicum experience to optimize learning. Christine Shea,
World Café and Senior Leadership Networking As part of required coursework, MSc students participate in a number of round table forums with senior health executives at different points in their management careers. Christine Shea,

MSc SLI (System Leadership and Innovation)

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Student Welcome Session During Orientation All SLI students attend an annual welcome/networking session during orientation. Peer to peer and faculty networking is encouraged. Abi Sriharan,
SLI Grand Rounds Monthly grand rounds expose SLI students to industry leaders, topics of interest and best practices in the field of leadership and innovation. Abi Sriharan,

CEHCR (Clinical Epidemiology, MSc & PhD)

Name of Initiative Brief Description Contact Name
Student Orientation and Introductory Social During orientation, all Clin. Epi. Students are invited to attend an annual welcome/networking session as well as an introductory social during orientation to meet and network with peers and faculty. Jill Tinmouth, / Sindhu Johnson,
Senior Graduate Student Synthesis Course This annual 4 half day course exposes PhD students to highly accomplished leaders from the field for the purpose of role modelling, mentoring and networking. Course also open to MSc students considering transferring to the PhD program. Jill Tinmouth,

HSR (Health Services Research, MSc & PhD)