Dissertation (Masters) Canadian Nursing Labour Force: Examining the Relationship between Job Dissatisfaction, Nurse Dissatisfaction and Intent to Quit


Anshoo Kamal


Canada is challenged with a perceived nursing shortage. Better understanding of the factors that influence satisfaction and turnover may help to formulate improved strategies for retention of the nursing workforce.

Our analysis revealed that satisfaction levels in both the job and the nursing profession are high in the Canadian nursing workforce corresponding to relatively high retention rates in the workforce.

We found that dissatisfaction with the job and nursing are distinct concepts that are intrinsically associated. Dissatisfaction in the job significantly increased the likelihood of dissatisfaction with being a nurse and vice versa for RNs. Also, nurses were more likely to express intentions to switch jobs than intentions to leave nursing. Job dissatisfaction was the strongest predictor for both the intentions to leave nursing and switch jobs.

The findings suggest that targeting both the job structures and the profession's role would help to maintain and improve retention rates for nurses.


Audrey Laporte


Raisa Deber