Dissertation (Masters) Systematic Review – the Effectiveness, Efficacy and Safety of Giraffe OmniBeds


Krystina Waler


Extremely low birth weight (ELBW) preterm infants face many risk factors. The Giraffe OmniBed is a hybrid incubator-radiant warmer designed to treat complications of prematurity while minimizing environmental risks infants face when treated and transported using other interventions. Does the Giraffe OmniBed improve effectiveness, efficacy and safety outcomes for ELBW preterm infants? A systematic review of literature was conducted to answer the question. Two observational studies were identified for inclusion. While very low quality evidence suggests that the Giraffe OmniBed improves thermal stability, growth and skin maturity for ELBW preterm infants, it cannot be said, with confidence, until further research is done. Scarcity of evidence is a problem shared within the medical device industry, with the regulation of devices influencing evidence generation. Health care resources are finite. Informed decisions around the allocation of resources and thorough assessment of medical devices are crucial components of sustainable high quality healthcare.


Peter C. Coyte