Dissertation (Masters) The Design and Content of Personal Support Worker Training Programs


Keira Anne Grant


Problem Statement: Despite increased reliance on PSW certificate programs to standardize the workforce, and the introduction of a common training standard in 2015, there is limited research available on PSW certificate programs. This study adds to knowledge regarding PSW certificates, which can be applied to decisions regarding the future direction of PSW education.

Methods: This is an intrinsic case study of PSW certificate programs in Ontario. The research methods were document analysis, and key informant interviews.

Results: Informants perceived a PSW certificate as necessary to adequate performance of the PSW role. Informants perceived challenges in the areas of interprofessional teamwork, assessments, helping-relationships, client-centred care, medications, and abuse.

Conclusions: The role of the PSW has changed significantly over the last decade, and it is now commonplace for PSWs to be assigned nursing tasks. Further research should evaluate whether the new standard is being successfully implemented, and meeting sector needs.


Raisa Deber