Dissertation (Masters) The Effects of Immigrant Status and Ethnicity on the Propensity and Intensity of Informal Care Received in Canada


Carita Ng


The literature on the effects of race and ethnicity on informal caregiving is sparse and incomplete. Furthermore, most caregiving studies do not control for immigrant status. In the few studies that have analyzed the impact of ethnicity on informal care, ethnicity was categorized as African American, Hispanic, or non-Hispanic White. In Canada, the relationship between informal care and immigrant status and ethnicity needs to be better understood as the country has a growing population of immigrants and individuals who will require informal care in the future. This thesis aims to understand how immigrant status and ethnicity affects the propensity and intensity of care received by using probit and ordinary least squares models. Throughout the thesis, immigrant status was measured as binary variable (0/1) and as year of immigration and region of origin.


Peter C. Coyte