Dissertation (Masters) The Role of Primary Cancer Diagnosis in Determining Costs and Caregiver Burden Associated with Palliative Home Care


Ruby Redmond-Misner


Community-based palliative home care (CBPHC) has been repeatedly endorsed for expansion in Ontario. The objective of this thesis is to assess the role of primary cancer diagnosis in the costs and caregiver burden associated with CBPHC.

Patients from two Ontario CBPHC programs were categorized using the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (10 th Ed.), differentiating tumour sites (i.e. breast) rather than tumour type (i.e. carcinoma). Diagnosis was integrated into econometric models alongside other important covariates, identified by conceptual frameworks of cost and burden, in order to ascertain its role in both.

Findings suggest that there are differential care demands associated with recipients of CBPHC that are related to primary cancer diagnosis. Several tumour sites emerged as significant drivers of costs and caregiver burden. This is useful for the level of care and associated strain that can be expected upon admission into CBPHC, the maintenance CBPHC and its unpaid caregivers, and the personalization of care.


Peter C. Coyte