Adrienne K. Chan

MD (University of Toronto)
FRCPC (Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases)
MPH (Harvard University)

Professional Interests

  1. Health services delivery research in low resource settings:  decentralization and roll-out of antiretroviral therapy and HIV related services in southern Africa; TB/HIV program integration; scale up of PMTCT services; task-shifting of services to address human resources for health constraints
  2. Clinical research:  reduction of mortality due to opportunistic infections (specifically TB and cryptococcal meningitis) in HIV patient with severe immunosuppression
  3. Integration of NCD care with HIV services in low resource settings


My academic interests have developed around implementing a patient and programme relevant operations research agenda for the Dignitas International Malawi Country Program. Dignitas International is responsible for supportive supervision and mentorship of HIV services (including ART, TB/HIV, and PMTCT) roll out in over 150 health centers in 6 districts in South East Malawi (population 3.1 million) through a decade long partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Health. Through this partnership, over 1 million people have been tested for HIV and over 200,000 patients started on ART.

Dignitas’s research agenda is driven by questions that arise during patient care and program implementation, and by local and international policymakers. Currently I am the Malawi-Zomba site Principal Investigator on the MRC-UK/ANRS funded ACTA Trial with St. George’s University London, and am a co-Investigator on the CIHR funded Zomba District Observational Cohort Study. I am the co-Principal Investigator on a CIHR Innovative Ebola Research Grant looking at long term sequelae of Ebola Virus Disease, partnering with both the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and Partners in Health in Sierra Leone. I am a facilitator for the WHO-TDR SORT-IT operational research capacity building program.


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