Dionne M. Aleman

PhD (Florida)

Professional Interests

Large-scale health care optimization, medical applications of operations research, pandemic disease spread modeling, pandemic preparedness optimization, intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment design, stereotactic radiosurgery treatment design, total marrow irradiation

Recent Publications

  • Danielle Ripsman, Dionne M Aleman, Kimia Ghobadi. Interactive visual guidance for automated stereotactic radiosurgery treatment planning. Expert Systems with Applications. 42(21):8337-8348. 2015.
  • C-H Jason Lee, Dionne M Aleman, Michael B Sharpe. A fast beam orientation optimization method that enforces geometric constraints in IMRT for total marrow irradiation. International Transactions in Operational Research. 22(4):635-645. 2015.
  • Solmaz Azari-Rad, Alanna Yontef, Dionne M Aleman, David Urbach. A simulation model for perioperative process improvement. Operations Research in Health Care. 3(1):22-30. 2014.
  • Mario Ventresca, Dionne M Aleman. A randomized rounding algorithm with local search for containment of pandemic disease spread. Computers & Operations Research. 48:11-19. 2014.
  • Velibor V Misic, Dionne M Aleman, Michael B Sharpe. Computational enhancements to fluence map optimization for total marrow irradiation using IMRT. Computers & Operations Research: Special Issue on Operations Research for Health Care Delivery. 40(9):2167-2177. 2013.
  • Kimia Ghobadi, Hamid R Ghaffari, Dionne M Aleman, David A Jaffray, Mark Ruschin. Automated treatment planning for a dedicated multi-source intra-cranial radiosurgery treatment unit using projected gradient and grassfire algorithms. Medical Physics. 39(6):3134-3141. 2012.