Anthony (Tony) Culyer

CBE, BA, Hon DEcon, Hon FRCP, FRSA, FMedSci


health economics, medical decision-making, deliberative processes, technology assessment, use of cost-effectiveness thresholds, equity and equality, need, health services financing, health care systems, health policy and law, health services organization and management, health services outcomes and evaluation, knowledge transfer and exchange, research capacity-building.


Dr. Culyer was the founding Organizer of the world’s oldest association of health economists (HESG in the United Kingdom), founding co-editor of the Journal of Health Economics, Chief Scientist at the Institute for Work and Health, chair of the WSIB’s Research Advisory Council and a member of the Board of CADTH. In the UK he was for many years Head of the Department of Economics & Related Studies and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of York, the founding Vice-Chair of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and Chair of the Office of Health Economics. He currently chairs the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence’s NICE International Advisory Group.

Current research

  • Inconsistencies in economic evaluations
  • Comparative health systems – US and Canada
  • Social value judgments and economic appraisals
  • Decision making processes and economic evaluation



Additional Recent Publications

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