Anthony V. Perruccio

PhD (University of Toronto)

Professional Interests

osteoarthritis, patient-reported outcomes, orthopaedics, disability, chronic diseases, health research methods, multi/comorbidity, quality of life


1) That there may be potential systemic effects at play in osteoarthritis has been suspected and our work is pointing in this direction. We continue work on understanding the relationship between osteoarthritis and comorbid chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and identifying predictors of comorbid disease onset among osteoarthritis populations.

2) Pain management in osteoarthritis has been a therapeutic challenge. We identified sex-specific associations between circulating concentrations of adipokines and the extent of overall painful/problematic joints among individuals with lower extremity osteoarthritis. There is a suggestion that the influence of inflammation on pain may be sex-specific as well. Current work by our group is underway to examine potential sex differences in these relationships. Sex-specific mechanisms would entail a need to re-examine the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to pain management in osteoarthritis.

3) Musculoskeletal conditions and disabilities are associated with significant negative consequences for individuals and society as a whole. Ongoing consultative meetings with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Statistics Canada on the redesign of the Canadian Community Health Survey are ensuring that capturing population level data on MSK and disability remain a priority.