Gerald Lebovic

PhD (University of Toronto)

Professional Interests

health research methods (biostatistics, observational studies, longitudinal analysis, multi state models)


1) TARGet Kids Registry: This large observational cohort focuses on a variety of health determinants in early childhood. As a statistician methodologist for the study we have contributed to shedding light on many important questions in this age group from the optimal amount of milk consumption to risk factors associated with childhood obesity. These results, published in international journals, will hopefully lead to the implementation of better guidelines for children’s health.

2) The BRIDGES project is comprised of nine projects funded by the MOHLTC to “develop innovative models of health service delivery that incorporate hospitals, primary care clinics and community services to provide integrated care for patients with complex chronic diseases”. As a statistician methodologist for the observational studies.

3) As an applied statistician I have an interest in presenting statistical methods commonly employed in observational studies. My aims are to emphasize not only the statistical techniques available but just as, if not more crucial, is the interpretation of the results and the conclusions that they lead to.