Gustavo Mery

MD (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile)
PhD (University of Toronto)
MBA (Adolfo IbaƱez University, Chile)

Professional Interests

health economics, health policy, performance measurement, integrated care, elderly, home and community-based services, long-term care


Dr. Mery has 15 years of experience internationally in health services research, health care consulting, clinical practice, health care management, and teaching.

His work aspires to unite clinical experience with rigorous research knowledge to produce real change in patient care and community health, and to bring together lessons from different countries into transforming our health care systems.


Additional Recent Publications

Wodchis WP, Williams AP, Mery G. Integrating Community-Based Care for Persons With Chronic Health and Social Needs. White Paper Working Draft, Creating Strategic Change In Canadian Healthcare. Kingston: The Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare; 2014. Available at:

Mery G, Wodchis WP, Bierman A, Laberge M. Caring for People with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Necessary Intervention in Ontario. Working Paper Series. Vol 2, Toronto: Health System Performance Research Network; 2013. Available at:

Mery G, Wodchis WP, Laporte A. The Determinants of the Propensity to Receive Publicly Funded Home Care Services for the Elderly in Canada: A Longitudinal Two-Stage Residual Inclusion Approach. Working Paper Series. Toronto: Canadian Centre for Health Economics; 2014. Available at: