Halla Thorsteinsdottir

DPhil (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)

Research Interests

My research interest has focused on health innovation policies with a particular focus on low-and-middle income countries. I have, for instance, examined health innovation systems in the emerging economies, Brazil, China, India and South Africa, and studied the role of international cooperation (South-South and North-South) in the innovation process, and I want to continue this work. I am also particularly interested in examining policy coherence among various policies for improving access to medicine in low-and-middle income countries.

Professional Interests

I am interested in continuing to promote scholarship on policies for health innovation with a strong focus on integration and coherence. I promote this scholarship amongst different groups, including graduate students, faculty members and policy makers; for the latter, both at the national level and among multilateral organizations. My professional interests also involve program evaluation where I work with funders on summative evaluations of their programs.


My work has had impacts on the health innovation literature on low-and-middle income countries as well as on capacity building in this area, both in Canada and in low-and-middle income countries. I work closely with policymakers to shape policy and practice. To that end, I have emphasized close collaboration with potential users of my research such as the International Development Research Centre, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the World Health Organization as well as the Technology Innovation Agency in South Africa. I further provided advice for the UNDP in its most recent strategic planning initiative.