Jeremy Petch

PhD (York University)
MA (University of Victoria)
HBA (University of Victoria)

Professional Interests

My work focuses on developing original, evidence informed health policy analysis for a wide audience on Healthy Debate that includes patients, health care providers, journalists and decision makers. By developing analysis that is as rigorous as it is accessible, I hope to improve engagement in policy issues at all levels within the health care system.

I am a leader within the Quality and Performance Analytics initiative at St. Michael’s Hospital, which is developing a novel approach to leveraging hospital data to inform quality improvement initiatives as well as executive decision making.

I am also actively engaged in health system governance, serving on the board of the Regent Park Community Health Centre and chairing its quality committee.


Since launching in 2011, Healthy Debate has become an important voice in Ontario’s health policy landscape, with over 50,000 people visiting the site every month. An evaluation of the site conducted in 2013 showed that it is extremely influential among its readers, which include a number of Ontario’s most senior decision makers.

My academic work has been featured in major Canadian media such as the Globe and Mail and CBC television, and I have appeared as a guest on TVO’s The Agenda.