Michael (Mike) Carter

PhD (University of Waterloo)

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Referred Journal Publications:

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Refereed Conference Papers Published in Proceedings:

S. Hahn-Goldberg, M.W. Carter and C. Beck, “Dynamic Template Scheduling for Problems with Uncertainty: A Case Study on Chemotherapy Outpatient Scheduling.” In the proceedings of the Society for Health Systems Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2012.

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Marshall DA, Vanderby S, Frank C, Enns E, Kulin N, Wasylak T, Mosher D, Noseworthy T, Rogers P, Maxwell C, Rohleder T, Pykerman K, Carter M. Simulation modeling with system dynamics (SD) to plan osteoarthritis care delivery in Alberta. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. 2013; 21(supplement): S167-S168.

Media Interviews:

Hamilton Spectator, March 17, 2011, "City on track for worst ambulance shortage ever"

Hamilton Spectator, March 26, 2011, “St. Joseph’s preparing for more sick patient”

Edge , Fall, 2011, “ Filling the gaps in seniors’ services: How Mike Carter and Ali Vahit Esensoy propose getting resources where they’re needed the most."

Television interview on Business News Network to discuss healthcare delivery and efficiency and cutting costs. January 31, 2011.

Featured in Engineering Dimensions magazine, :“Integrating engineering and health care: It’s not all about technology”, by Michael Mastromateo, Nov/Dec 2012.