Michael Millar

MHI (University of Toronto)
BSc. Computer Science (University of Alberta)

Professional Interests

I am focused on the implementation of transparent technologies: applications that support open data, open source middleware, embedded privacy/security, modular interoperability, minimal interfaces, maximal process automation and local view-level configurations. These technologies are usually implemented using design thinking approaches and only realize their true benefit after sustained optimization. I am convinced that the health system must move away from conventional waterfall approaches to more iterative, agile approaches in order to effectively leverage technology to derive overall quality, value and sustainability improvements.


As the eHealth Technology Lead at the Ontario Ministry of Health, I helped introduce a benefits realization framework as a proposal to replace benefits evaluation approaches. I also worked with eHealth Ontario to refocus its priorities on standards and architectural leadership and worked to reduce the propagation of monolithic ehealth initiatives. My last contribution was developing the technology strategy for the provincial Health Links initiative that was built on leveraging an existing provincial repository integrated with clinical information systems to support the sharing of a coordinated care plan.

As the CEO and Founder of Verto, I have enabled the development of a cloud-based chronic disease management application, with a focus on cancer care, which has been adopted by 5 Ontario hospital networks (20+ hospitals). This application, MindMerge, primarily looks to optimize the clinical management of patients as they transition between care custodians/environments; the tool also uses a tethered patient portal to transfer knowledge back to service users to help elevate awareness, reduce anxiety and enable better self-management of their chronic disease.