Petros Pechlivanoglou

MSc (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
PhD (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Professional Interests

Dr. Pechlivanoglou’s research activities currently are centered on the use of health decision analysis in economic evaluation; bridging evidence synthesis, administrative data and decision analysis; the application and extension of predictive models in health economics as well as other econometric and statistical applications in health economics and health policy, such as the estimation of empirical cost-effectiveness thresholds. He is currently involved in projects around the economics of preterm birth prevention, the economic evaluation of oncology and ophthalmic interventions in children and adolescents and the economic impact of obstructive sleep apnea and COPD in adults.

Detailed Research Interests

  • Use of decision analysis in healthcare
  • Development of prediction models for economic evaluation
  • Application of evidence synthesis methods in health economics
  • Use of real-world evidence in economic evaluation
  • Use of R in decision analytic modeling

Other Affiliations

  • Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
  • Health Economist, Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment (THETA) Collaborative