Plinio P. Morita

PhD (University of Waterloo)
MSc (University of Campinas)
BEng (University of Campinas)

Research Interests

Persuasive design, mHealth, data-driven design, human factors, change management, remote patient monitoring, comparative medical technology evaluations.

Professional Interests

Development of medical technology that is safe, provides solid user experience, and provides real-time patient data for informed clinical care.


1.) Persuasive Design for mHealth Technology – How can we design mHealth solutions focusing on effective behavioural change? Remote patient monitoring is extremely important, but without proper adherence, the quality of the data can be limited. Persuasive design provides the necessary tools for creating an engaging user experience.
2.) Understanding Persuasive Design – There are currently a plethora of persuasive design tools, but limited understanding of their effectiveness in different populations. How can we choose the best tools for different mHealth and eHealth interventions?
3.) Integrated mHealth Evaluation – With so many devices and sensors collecting data at the patients’ homes, there is a significant amount of data available for researchers. However how do we integrate mHealth usage analytics with patient health data to better understand which features of our design are having the most influence on patients’ health?


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