Raisa Deber

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Professional Interests

Professor Deber’s current research centers on Canadian health policy. Current projects, conducted with colleagues and students, include: implications of the distribution of health expenditures and public/private roles for financing and delivery of health services (including primary care); examination of where nurses and other health professionals work and the factors associated with differential “stickiness” across sub-sectors; issues associated with the movement of care from hospitals to home and community; approaches to accountability; and factors affecting patient engagement.


Health policy is inherently interdisciplinary. Working with colleagues and students, I have conducted research on a variety of issues that have had a direct influence on Canadian health policy. This includes my work on the distribution of health expenditures, which helped cast attention on the 1% who account for a significant proportion of health expenditures. My work on preferred roles in medical decision making continues to be highly cited.  In 2009,  I received one of Canada’s most prestigious lectureships, the Emmett Hall Memorial Lectureship; it recognizes outstanding contributions to the health ideals articulated by Justice Hall: equity, fairness, justice and efficiency.


  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Inducted November 2018
  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), Elected 2012.
  • Emmett Hall Memorial Lectureship, Justice Emmett M. Hall Memorial Foundation, 2009

Other Affiliations

Thesis Supervision (2011+)

  1. Carolyn Alice Steele Gray. Accountability in the Home and Community Care Sector in Ontario (2013)
  2. Christopher Alexander Klinger. Different Approaches to Care for the Terminally Ill: Barriers and Facilitators to (Best Practice) Service Provision (2013)
  3. David Rudoler. Paying for Primary Care: The Relationship between Payment Change and Primary Care Physician Behaviour (2015)
  4. Debra Lydia Catherine Zelisko. Managing Conflict of Interest in Health Care: The Roles of Professionalism and Regulatory Colleges (2015)
  5. Seija Kristina Kromm. Accountability in Ontario’s Acute Care Hospital Sector and its Effect on Organizational Strategic Priorities (2017)
  6. Anshoo Kamal. Canadian Nursing Labour Force: Examining the Relationship between Job Dissatisfaction, Nurse Dissatisfaction and Intent to Quit (2011)
  7. Jill Susanne McCartney. Disclosure of Safety Incidents Involving Pediatric Patients: A Review of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Legislation and Related Policies of Health Care Organizations Providing Care to Pediatric Patients (2013)
  8. Keira Anne Grant. The Design and Content of Personal Support Worker Training Programs (2016)
  9. Delia Sinclair Frigault. Responsive Behaviours in Dementia: Developing and Implementing the Behavioural Supports Ontario Initiative (2016)
  10. Daniel Saliba. Comparing Patient Engagement and Patient Advocacy Activities and Measuring Preferred Roles in Medical Decision Making among Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Caregivers, Family Members and Patient Advocates (2019)
  11. Shaheena Mukhi. Primary Health Care Performance Measurement and Accountability in Ontario (2018)
  12. Vidhi Thakkar. Primary Care Patients’ Preferred Roles in Treatment Decision-making in an era of Increased Health Information (2018)
  13. Blair A. Roblin. Ontario’s Retirement Homes and Long-term Care Homes: Policy Implications for Care Services, Funding and Governance Regimes (2017)



Additional Recent Publications

Deber, R. (2018).  Treating Health Care.  Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

Deber, R; Mah, C (Ed.).  (2014). Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management, 2nd edition. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press

Deber, R.; Allin, S. (2014). Ontario: Changing policies, changing categories. In Marchildon, Greg and DiMatteo, Livio (eds).  Bending the Cost Curve.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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Steele Gray, C., Berta, W., Deber, R., & Lum, J. (2014). Seeking Accountability: Multi-Service Accountability Agreements (MSAAs) in Ontario’s Community Support Sector. Health Reform Observer-Observatoire des Réformes de Santé, 2(1).

Berta, W., Laporte, A., Deber, R., Baumann, A., & Gamble, B. (2013, November). Exponentiation, Substitution And Boundaries: The Evolving Role Of Health Care Aides In The Long-Term Care And Home & Community Care Sectors In Canada. Gerontologist, 53, 353-354.