Sara Allin

PhD (London School of Economics)

Professional Interests

health policy, health economics, health system performance, comparative health systems, population health, and equity in health and health care


I have worked with colleagues at IHPME, CIHI, SPPG and LSE on research that aims to improve health system performance in Canada and other high-income countries. This research has been published in high impact journals and has received attention from media and decision-makers. Some recent areas of interest include improving the equity in financing of prescription drugs in Ontario, analyzing inefficiency in the Canadian health system, and exploring opportunities for containing costs in high-income countries.



Additional Recent Publications

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  • Allin, S., Stabile, M., and Tuohy, C. (2010) Financing models for non-CHA services in Canada: lessons from local and international experiences with social insurance.  Report commissioned by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.
  • Allin, S., Masseria, C., and Mossialos E. (2010) Equity in health care use among older people in the United Kingdom: an analysis of panel data. Applied Economics, 43(18): 2229-2239.