Shivani Goyal

PhD (University of Toronto)
MASc (Unversity of Montreal)
BEng (Concordia University)

Research Interests

As a Biomedical Engineer and Researcher, I am currently leading a digital strategy for the commercialization of chronic disease management mobile technologies. I have extensive experience in the design and development of evidence-based behavioural mHealth platforms, as well as in evaluation methods, ranging from traditional (i.e. RCTs) to more nimble real-time analytics approaches.

Driven by the overwhelming prevalence of chronic illness and the need to revolutionize the traditional models for health care delivery, I am exploring how consumer-focused approaches can enable patients to drive their own care. This involves expanding health care beyond hospital and clinics, and evolving traditional consumer markets (e.g. Pharmacies), communities, even our own homes, to be facilitators of improved health.

Through public-private partnerships, my goal is to move eHealth research from bench to the hands of patients, through the co-development of innovative, robust and scalable models of health care delivery.