Sholom S. Glouberman

PhD (Cornell University)

Professional Interests

Sholom’s major interest has been in developing a policy framework for health care that recognizes the shifting boundaries of the complex health field, and the increasing importance of partnership with patients not only in their own care, but also in designing services and in developing health policy


Sholom is the founding President of Patients Canada, a patient-led and patient-governed charity dedicated to bringing the patient voice to healthcare. With others he has developed a process for using patients’ and families’ experiences with healthcare as a basis for generating Key Performance Targets (KPTs) for changes in policy and practice. This work has been critical in the developing evaluation frameworks for such projects as the Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare (PATH) project in Northumberland Ontario, and in working with various organizations such as LHINs, the RNAO, the OMA and The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Other Affiliations



Additional Recent Publications

(Last 5 Years)

My Operation: A Health Care Insider Becomes a Patient. Toronto, ON: Health and Everything Publications. (2011)

Peer Reviewed Papers
“The grey zones of birth and death.” Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17: 394–399. (2011)