Stephen Peckham

MA (Econ), University of Manchester
BSc (hons) University of Southampton

Research Interests

I have over 20 years of policy analysis and health services research experience. I have particular interests in the way services are organized and delivered and examining the development and implementation of health policy. I am also interested in the use of evidence in policy and public health and ethical implications of public health policies.
Much of my research has focused on the organization of primary care and its role in commissioning healthcare. I have substantial experience of undertaking qualitative and mixed methods research. I have been the principal investigator on large multi-centre programme grants and am involved in international projects examining models of primary care and primary care accountability.

Professional Interests

I currently lead a health services research unit at the University of Kent. The Centre for Health Services Studies is a multi-disciplinary research unit and also provides research support to people in the local health community. I am also currently Director of the Department of Health funded Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System (PRUComm) a collaborative research unit with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Manchester. PRUComm is undertaking research on the development of Clinical Commissioning Groups, contracting, competition and the development of the new Public Health System in England. I am undertaking research on healthcare commissioning and policy implementation.


Most of my research has been commissioned by the NHS or the Department of Health. Recently research has supported the development of the English NHS strategies for recruiting and retaining general practitioners, supported developments on primary care commissioning and been used by the House of Commons Health Select Committee who have been reviewing changes to the English Public Health System.


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