Susan Chatwood

BScN (University of British Columbia)
MSc (McGill)
PhD (University of Toronto)

Professional Interests

Capacity building for research in the Arctic and engagement in Circumpolar network. Promotion of partnerships and methodologies that respect multiple ways of knowing in the Arctic. Health systems research frameworks that address inequities and include related systems that drive determinants of health in the Arctic – including climate change, indigenous values and geographical challenges


Executive and Scientific Director of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research. Fulbright Arctic Initiative Scholar. Co-lead of NWT Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Network. Co-investigator CIHR Primary Care Innovation Team in Circumpolar Health. Scientific advisory for international forums including the RISING-SUN mental health initiative with the National Institute of Mental Health, the Canadian High Arctic Research Station data initiative and the Research management committee of ArcticNet. Past-president for the Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health.