Wendy J. Ungar

PhD (University of Toronto)
MSc (McGill University)

Professional Interests

health economics, health services outcomes and evaluation, health research methods (clinical trials), health policy, health care system, public and population health, children, marginalized populations

Other Affiliations


Technology Assessment at Sick Kids (TASK) which I started in 2007 is the world’s leading research unit devoted to child health technology assessment. With a strong TASK Force of iHPME trainees, TASK has produced high quality HTA evidence to inform decision-making locally, nationally and internationally.

The heart of my research program examines the special challenges in applying health economic methods to children. My program of methods research has investigated novel parent-child dyad approaches to health state measurement, has conducted pioneering work in capturing preferences and willingness-to-pay for child health interventions and is investigating new health economic modelling approaches to link screening, diagnosis and treatment interventions for chronic pediatric disorders.

As the previous Program Director for the MSc in HTA&M (Ulysses program), I have connected a select group of international trainees with IHPME faculty every two years for a stimulating and exciting learning experience. Exchanging knowledge regarding how different countries and global regions use HTA evidence provides insight and provokes thinking regarding how best to use HTA evidence in improving health care delivery.