Health Policy Updates

List of health policy updates from the Health Systems and Policy Monitor (HSPM) hosted by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

Date Title Author(s)
23/01/2020 A new wave of centralized governance and planning across Canada’s provinces Sara Allin
14/09/2019 Canadian Pharmacare Council’s recommendations for efficient and equitable universal prescription drug coverage Matthew Charles Farr, Sara Allin, Michael Grignon
13/12/2018 Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada Matthew Charles Farr and Sara Allin
11/03/2018 New federal projects announced to address Canada’s opioid crisis Matthew Charles Farr, Husayn Marani, Gregory P. Marchildon
01/06/2017 Reforming the regulation of therapeutic products in Canada: The Protecting of Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (Vanessa’s Law) Katherine Fierlbeck ,Alex Titeu
Additional Credits: Gregory P. Marchildon
31/05/2017 Developing a Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Framework for Yukon as a foundation for policy reform Gillian Mulvale, Alex Titeu, Gregory P. Marchildon
15/12/2015 Saskatchewan Joins British Columbia in Introducing an Immunize or Mask Policy Amy Zarzeczny
04/12/2015 Introducing Midwifery-led Birth Centres to Ontario Cristina Mattison
Additional Credits: Gregory P. Marchildon
04/12/2015 Expanding the scope of practice for pharmacists in Ontario Glen E. Randall, Neil G. Barr, Patricia A. Wakefield, Mark G. Embrett
Additional Credits: Gregory P. Marchildon
21/01/2015 Midwifery Reform in Nova Scotia Annie Morrison
26/06/2014 Introducing Physician Assistants to Ontario Meredith Vanstone
12/06/2014 Implementing centralized wait lists for patients without a family physician in Quebec Mylaine Breton
12/06/2014 The Canadian National Orphan Drug Strategy Reform Mark Embrett
06/02/2014 Legislating Interprofessional Regulatory Collaboration in Nova Scotia William Lahey
03/10/2013 Ontario’s Personal Support Worker Registry Audrey Laporte, David Rudoler
03/10/2013 Lean Health Reforms in Saskatchewan Gregory P. Marchildon
Date Title Author(s)
23/08/2019 New Medicaid Work Requirements Andrew J. Barnes, Lynn Y. Unruh
20/08/2018 Trump Administration to Allow Sale of Short-Term Insurance – an Alternative to the ACA Marketplaces Thomas Rice, Pauline Rosenau, Lynn Y. Unruh, Andrew J. Barnes
09/11/2017 Trump Administration Executive Actions to Reduce Subsidies and Insurance Policy Protections Morgan Shell, Andrew J. Barnes
14/05/2017 House Votes to Repeal and Replace Obamacare – But there is a Long Road Ahead before Becoming Law Andrew J. Barnes, Pauline Rosenau
29/04/2017 The First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency Pauline Rosenau
02/04/2017 Republican Majority Fails to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act Thomas Rice, Pauline Rosenau, Lynn Y. Unruh, Andrew J. Barnes
14/11/2016 Donald Trump’s Health Policy Campaign Proposals Pauline Rosenau
Additional Credits: Thomas Rice
03/10/2016 E-Cigarettes and Now Regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Andrew J. Barnes
03/04/2016 Cost Trends in the Affordable Care Act: March 2016 Pauline Rosenau, Andrew J. Barnes
02/04/2016 Potential Impact of a New Supreme Court Justice on Health Policy Andrew J. Barnes, Pauline Rosenau
02/02/2016 A Merger Frenzy Among Large U.S. Insurers Andrew J. Barnes
30/09/2015 High Deductibles in the Health Care Exchanges Thomas Rice
25/06/2015 Medicare to Pay Physicians Based on Performance Thomas Rice
07/05/2015 The ACA-Initiated Cooperative Insurance Companies in the U.S.: An Update Pauline Rosenau
23/03/2015 Medicaid “Fee Bump” Expiration Lynn Y. Unruh, Andrew J. Barnes
21/08/2014 Exemptions to the Health Law Mandate to Obtain Health Insurance Pauline Rosenau, Andrew J. Barnes, Thomas Rice, Lynn Y. Unruh
27/06/2014 Nearly 60,000 Veterans Experiences Excessive Delays in Receiving Medical Care Andrew J. Barnes
12/05/2014 Return to Narrow Networks? Lynn Y. Unruh
26/03/2014 Effects of the Affordable Care Act on the Labor Market Andrew J. Barnes, Pauline Rosenau
27/01/2014 Older Americans Signing up for Exchanges Thomas Rice, Andrew J. Barnes
22/11/2013 ACA Insurance Cancellations Fix: Individuals Can “Keep Their Plans If They Like Them” For One More Year Lynn Y. Unruh, Pauline Rosenau
22/11/2013 Health Exchanges Open and Glitches abound Andrew J. Barnes, Thomas Rice
22/11/2013 Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act Occurring in only Half of he States Thomas Rice, Pauline Rosenau
19/11/2013 Latest developments in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) Andrew J. Barnes, Lynn Y. Unruh