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MSc – Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Clinical Epidemiology & HCR- MSc Student Name Supervisor Year
Sex Differences in Health Care Utilization Preceding an Initial Heart Failure Hospitalization Kim Anderson Douglas Lee 2019
Association of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction with Mortality and Hospitalization in an Unselected Echocardiographic Cohort of both Ambulatory and Hospitalized Patients Paul Angaran Douglas Lee 2019
Is Hospital Type Associated with Application of Best-evidence Treatment Recommendations for Children’s Low-risk Distal Radius Fractures Treated in Ontario Emergency Departments? Tara Baxter Andrew Howard 2019
Risk Factors for Oral Antibiotic Therapy Failure in Cystic Fibrosis-related Pulmonary Exacerbations Ana Maria Chelene  Blanchard Nick Daneman 2019
Improving the Hearing Status Discrimination of the Health Utilities Index, Mark 3 Peter Robert Dixon Murray Krahn 2019
Management of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Survey of Canadian Respirologists Less Marshall Fidler Matthew Stanbrook 2019
Can the QuickDASH Score at the Time of Initial Assessment Predict Recommendation for Surgery in Patients with Shoulder Pain Christopher Hawke Gillian Hawker 2019
Opioid Prescribing after Surgery among Chronic Opioid users in Ontario: A Population-based Cohort Study Naheed Jivraj Hannah Wunsch 2019
Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Receiving Systemic Treatment for Cancer: A Population-based Cohort Study Abhijat Kitchlu Joseph Kim 2019
Psychiatric Utilization Prior to Cancer Diagnosis: Implications for Survival Outcomes and Suicidal Death Among Incident Solid Organ Cancer Patients Zachary William Abraham Klaassen Kirish Kulkarni 2019
Textbook Outcomes in Gastric Cancer Surgery Jordan Levy Natalie Coburn 2019
Receipt of Overactive Bladder Drugs and Incident Dementia: a Population-based Case-control Study Rano Matta Robert Nam 2019
Identifying Causes of Delay in Interfacility Transports of Injured Patients Transported by Air Ambulance in Ontario Brodie Nolan Avery Nathens 2019
The Experiences of Fathers in a Family Integrated (FICare) Program Amy Shafey Vibhuti Shah 2019
Pain-Relief Alternative for Shoulder Surgery (Pass Trial): The Novel Anterior Suprascapular Nerve Block vs Conventional Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block for Pain-Relief Following Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery: A Multi-centre Randomized, Patient and A Faraj Abdallah Andreas Laupacis 2018
Implementation of Critical Care Response Teams in Ontario. Impact on the Outcomes of Surgical Patients Gonzalo Sapisochin David Urbach 2019
Mental Illness Diagnoses After Intensive Care Lavarnan Sivanathan Damon Scales 2019
Investigating Associations Between Preoperative Patient-Reported Symptom Burden and Postoperative Outcomes Following Major Cancer Surgery: A Retrospective Cohort Study Lev Bubis Paul Karanicolas 2018
Long-Term Perceived Engagement and Research Priorities Among Chronic Kidney Disease Stakeholders: A Qualitative Study Meghan Elliott Sharon Elizabeth Straus 2018
Continuity of Care and Oncological Expertise for Patients with Active Cancer who Require Emergency Department Care: A Population-Based Assessment Keerat K. Grewal Clare Atzema 2018
Surgical Critical Care Utilization in Adult Patients Undergoing Major Non-Cardiac Surgery in Ontario: A Population Based Study Angela Jerath Andreas Laupacis 2018
Prognostic Associations of Plasma Hepcidin in Women With Early Breast Cancer Katarzyna Joanna Jerzak Pamela Goodwin 2018
Priority Setting in Pediatric Preventive Care Research Mikael Jacob Katz Lavigne Andreas Laupacis 2018
Cost-Effectiveness of Pulse Oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects in Ontario Amit Mukerji Vibhuti Shah 2018
Universal Measures of Support Are Needed: A Cross- Sectional Study of Health Literacy in Patients with Dupuytrens Disease Melissa Roy David Urbach 2018
Association of Preoperative Spirometry with Cardiopulmonary Exercise Capacity and Postoperative Outcomes in Surgical Patients Ashwin Sankar Duminda Wijeysundera 2018
Comparison of Graft Survival after Liver Transplantation Between São Paulo, Brazil, and the United States Ajith Kumar Sankarankutty David Urbach 2018
Differentiating Autoimmune Hepatitis from Lupus- associated Hepatitis — What is the Ontology of Non-Infectious, Non-Toxic, Non-Genetic Causes of Hepatitis: A Paradigm Shift in Making Clinical Diagnoses Andreanne Zizzo Brian Feldman 2018
The Association of Anemia with Cardiopulmonary Exercise Capacity and Adverse Patient Outcomes in Noncardiac Surgery Justyna Bartoszko Duminda Wijeysundera 2017
Predictors of Hospital Readmission after Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Implantation in Ontario Andrew Czarnecki Dennis Ko 2017
Relationship Between Procedure Volume and Mortality After Surgical Lung Biopsy in Interstitial Lung Disease Jolene Fisher Sharon Dell 2017
A Comparative Study of Quality of Life in Patients with Low-and Intermediate-risk Prostate Cancer Treated at a Single Institution: Stereotactic Radiotherapy vs High dose-rate Brachytherapy Monotherapy vs High dose-rate Brachytherapy Boost Joelle Helou Andrea Bezjak 2017
Risk Factors for Death or Heart Transplant for Patients with Right Ventricular Dysfunction after the Norwood Procedure: A Secondary Analysis of the Single Ventricle Reconstruction Trial Emilie Melissa Jean-St-Michel Brian McCrindle 2017
The Role of Sex and Gender in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Resconstructive Surgery Outcome Sabrina M. Kolker Aileen Davis 2017
Examining Agreement and Variability among National and International Guideline Treatment Recommendations for Asthma and Bronchiolitis Leigh Anne Bakel-Kern Patricia Parkin 2016
The Impact of Adult Health Care Model on Emergent Health Resource Utilization in Patients with Pediatric-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease Natasha P. Bollegala Geoffrey Nguyen 2016
Health System Performance Measurement in a Circumpolar Context: Selecting Performance Indicators for Maternity Care Rebecca Rich Kellie Murphy 2016
Non-invasive Cardiac Diagnostic Tests in Ontario: Temporal Trends in Utilization and Association with Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Idan Roifman Jack Tu 2016
Practice Patterns in the Treatment of Acute Achilles Tendon Ruptures in Ontario, Canada Ujash Sheth Susan Jaglal 2016
The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Selection of Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrilation: A Population Based Study Michelle Sholzberg Andreas Laupacis 2016
Clinical Prediction Models of Patient and Graft Survival in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review and Validation Study Sunita Kaur Shah Singh David Naimark 2016
Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation in Extremely Preterm Infants and Death or Neurodevelopmental Impairment Dany Weisz Prakeshkumar Shah 2016
The Health Economic Implications of Perioperative Delirium in Older Orthopaedic Surgery Patients with Fragility Hip Fractures Michael George Zywiel Peter Coyte 2016
Magnetic Resonance Enterography for the Assessment of Pediatric Crohn’s Disease Peter Christopher Church Brian Feldman 2015
Heterogeneity in the Reporting of Mortality in Crtically Ill Patients during the 2009-10 Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Neta-regression Exploring the Influence of Patient, Healthcare System and Study-specific Factors Abhijit Duggal Robert Fowler 2015
The Impact of the Ontario Bariatric Network on Health Services Utilization following Bariatric Surgery Ahmad Ibrahim Elnahas David Urbach 2015
Correlates of High-Risk, Oncogenic Human Papilloma virus in HIV-Positive and HIV-hegative Men who Have Sex With Men Jonathan Troy Grennan Mona Loutfy 2015
Adverse Cardiac Events among Older Patients on Venlafaxine: A Population-based Study Joanne Ho David Juurlink 2015
A Population-based Analysis of the Clinical Course of Colonic Diverticulitis and its Evolving Management Debbie Li Avery Nathens 2015
The Uptake of Active Surveillance for the Treatmen Treatment of Prostate Cancer in Ontario: Results of Population-based Study Patrick Richard David Urbach 2015
Outcomes and Processes of Care Among Trauma Centre s Caring for Injured Children Chethan Sathya Avery Nathens 2015
Pediatric Emergency Department Revisits in Urban Ontario: Does Being an Immigrant Matter? Natasha Ruth Saunders Astrid Guttmann 2015
Pertussis Vaccine Effectiveness and Waning Immunity Kevin Lester Schwartz Therese Stukel 2015
Prostate Cancer as a Metabolic Disease – Is Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Associated with Worse Cardiovascular Outcomes? Bimal Bhindi Shabbir Alibhai 2014
Cardiac Output is Not Associated with Plasma NGAL Concentrations Following Cardiopulmonary Bypass for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Alejandro Floh Brian McCrindle 2014
Beta-blocker Use and Morbidity from Chronic Lung Disease in Patients Undertaking Pulmonary Rehabilitation Robert Gabriel Varadi Matthew Stanbrook/
Donald Redelmeier
The Spectrum of Hepatic Involvment in Pediatric In Inflammatory Bowel Disease: An Analysis of the Development of Abnormal Liver  Analysis of the  Cl inical Variables Pamela Valentino Brian Feldman 2014
The Multi-Ligament Quality of Life Questionnaire (ML-QOL): Development and Preliminary Testing of Measurement Properties in Patients with Multi-ligament Knee Injuries Jaskarndip Chahal Aileen Davis 2013
Developing and Validating Prognostic Scores for Patients with Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage Thien Huynh Andreas Laupacis 2013
The Association between Metformin Therapy and Mortality Following Breast Cancer: A Population- based Study Iliana Lega Paula Rochon 2013
Reliability and Responsiveness of the Standardized Universal Pain Evaluations for Rheumatoid Providers for Children and Youth (SUPER-KIDZ) Nadia J. Luca Ahmed Bayoumi 2013
Developing the Bladder Utility Symptoms Scale: A Multiattribute Health State Classification System for Bladder Cancer Nathan Perlis Murray Krahn 2013
Geographic Access to Breast Reconstruction and the Influence of Physician Availablility Jennica Platt Nancy Baxter 2013
Examining Trends in the Incidence of Asthma in Children in Ontario Dhenuka Kannan Radhakrishnan Teresa To 2013
The Impact of Reaching Low Disease Activity in the First Year of the Disease on Future Disability and Damage in Patients with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Pooneh Seyed-Akhavan Claire Bombardier 2013
Management Patterns and Outcomes of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in Ontario: A Population-based Study Robert Tasevski David Urbach 2013
Diagnostic Accuracy of MRI for Assessment of T-category Lymph Node Metastases, and Circumferential Resection Margin Involvement in Patients with Rectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Eisar Al-Sukhni Erin Kennedy 2012
Methods for Data Analysis in Split-mouth Randomized Clinical Trials, a Simulation Study Romina Brignardell George Tomlinson 2012
Childhood Fracture Begets Childhood Fracture: A Population-based Study of Longitudinal Fracture Patterns in Ontario Children Benjamin Escott Andrew Howard 2012
Association Between Early Follow-up with a Nephrologist and Death in Survivors of Acute Kidney Injury Ziv Harel Edward Etchells 2012
Utilization of Prenatal Services by Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent/Young Adult Cancer Amy Lee Chong Astrid Guttmann 2012
Therapeutic Hypothermia: Exploring the Impact of Processes of Care on Outcomes after Cardiac Arrest Steve Lin Laurie Morrison 2012
Patients Preferences and Trade Offs for the Treatment of Small Hepatocellular Carcinomas Michele Molinari David Urbach 2012
Impact of Clostriduim difficile colitis on Five Year Health Outcomes of Ulcerative Colitis Patients Sanjay Murthy A. Hillary Steinhart 2012
Risk of Traumatic Lumbar Punctures in Children wit h Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Retrospective Cohort Study using Repeated-measures Analyses Furqan Shaikh Lillian Sung 2012
Characterization of Active Joint Count Trajectories in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Roberta Audrey Berard Claire Bombardier 2011
Antihypertensives and Hip Fracture Risk in Community-Dwelling Elderly: A Self-controlled Case Series Analysis Debra Ann Butt Richard Glazier 2011
Prevalence, Predictors, and Outcomes Associated with Late Start of Chronic Kidney Disease Care Amongst Adults with End-stage Renal Disease Rajni Singhal Janet Hux 2011
The Relationship Between Depression and Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: A Population-based Study in Ontario Women Simone Natalie Vigod Paula Goering 2011

MSc – Health Services Research

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Services Research – MSc Student Name Supervisor Year
Impact of an Intra-institutional Teledermatology Service: A Mixed Methods Case Study Trevor Champagne Emily Seto 2019
The Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions: A Population Cohort Study Eric Stephen De Prophetis Laura Christina Antonia Rosella 2019
Establishing a Level Playing Field: Development of a Prioritization Framework for Oncology Drugs Doreen Ezeife Natasha Leighl 2019
Investigating Iron Status and Infant Feeding Practices Across a Multi-ethnic Cohort Vinusha Gunaseelan Cornelia Borkhoff 2019
Clinical and Economic Outcomes for Gastric Cancer Patients Treated with Gastrectomy at Centers with and without Cancer Surgery Centre Designation in Ontario Yunni Hye Yoon Jeong Natalie Coburn 2019
Vertical Transmission of HIV: Comparison of Policies in North and Sub-Saharan Africa Nessika Karsenti Sara Allin 2019
ifying, Incorporating and Reporting Patient Preferences in Clinical Guidelines Claire Jun-Yeong Kim Anna Gagliardi 2019
Examining the Development of a Community of Practice in Paediatric Project ECHO Yalinie Kulandaivelu Jennifer Stinson 2019
Accumulating Multimorbidity: the Role of Depression, Socioeconomic Status, and Other Factors Allanah Li Walter Wodchis 2019
A Population-based Study of Individuals with Schizophrenia and Correctional Involvement Mayuri Mahentharan Paul Kurdyak 2019
Prepared to Live with the Unknown: Patients’ Experiences with Uncertainty when Making Decisions about Learning Incidental Genomic Sequencing Results Chloe Elizabeth Mighton Yvonne Bombard 2019
Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience: The Impact of Working in Complex Care Rehabilitation Samantha Quartarone Michelle Nelson 2019
Predictors of Locus of Care in Adolescent and Young Adults with Cancer Meera Sharini Rayar Paul Nathan 2019
An Analysis of the Prevalence and Predictors of Food Insecurity in Canadian Seniors Natalie Thirakul Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai 2019
Experiences of Stigma Among People with Osteoarthritis (OA) who Underwent a Total Joint Replacement (TJR) of the Knee or Hip Lucy Trojanowski Fiona Webster 2019
Measuring the Construct of Clinical Utility in the Context of Genetic Testing: A Scoping Review Shantel Walcott Robin Hayeems 2019
How Can Researchers and Research Users Initiate Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) Partnerships? Maria Maddalena Zych Anna Gagliardi 2019
Health Care Providers’ Perspectives of Uncertainty in Newborn Screening Paul John Azzopardi Robin Hayeems 2018
Effect of Continuity of Care on the Risk of Developing Multimorbidity in Ontario, Canada between 2001 – 2015: A Retrospective Cohort Study Phat Edward Chau Walter Wodchis 2018
I’m still here: an Ethnographic Exploration of Public Twitter Use among People Living with Advanced Cancer Alaina Cyr David Wiljer 2018
Primary Care Provider’s Perspectives on Physical Activity Counseling Laura Kathleen Easty Michelle Silver 2018
The Role of the Physician in the Reach and Adoption of Online Health Resources – A Qualitative Study of the Perspectives of Patients and Health Care Providers Evelyn Elias Julie Gilbert 2018
The Impact of Pre-transplant Dialysis Duration on Kidney Transplant Recipient Survival: An Instrumental Variable Approach Rui Fu Peter Coyte 2018
The Influence of Assessor Training on Scoring and Feedback: A Qualitative Study of Assessor Perceptions Kathryn Rae Hodwitz Ryan Brydges 2018
A Cost-Utility Analysis of Biosimilar Infliximab Compared to Reference Infliximab in Adult Switch Patients with Crohn’s Disease: A Canadian Analysis Avery Hughes Wendy Ungar 2018
Perceptions of End-of-Life Communication in Older Adults with Advanced Heart Failure and their Family Caregivers Ji Yeon Jennifer Im Kerry Kuluski 2018
The Effectiveness of Mental Health Courts in Reducing Recidivism Desmond James Loong Carolyn Dewa 2018
Exploring the Role of Resilience in the Experiences of Family Caregivers of a Patient Requiring an Alternate Level of Care Rebecca Lum Kerry Kuluski 2018
Exploring the Impact of the ECHO Model(TM) in Ontario on Primary Healthcare Providers Sharing of Chronic Pain Knowledge: A Qualitative Study Naima Salemohamed Jennifer Stinson /
Emily Seto
Striving to Do No Harm and yet Respect Patient Autonomy: Ontario Plastic Surgeons’ Perspectives of the Consultation for Breast Reconstruction with Women Who Have Early Stage Breast Cancer Selina Schmocker Frances Wright 2018
Disparities in access to endometrial cancer surgery and the influence of morbid obesity on wait times Andrea N. Simpson Nancy Baxter 2018
Mental Health Service Utilization in Women with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) during the Postpartum Period: A Population-Based Study Victoria Mary Sparrow-Downes Mona Loutfy / Simone Vigod 2018
Transition to Adult Care for Youth with Severe Mental Illness: Does Continuity with Primary Care Matter? Alene Ahlam Toulany Astrid Guttmann 2018
Systematic Review – the Effectiveness, Efficacy and Safety of Giraffe OmniBeds Krystina Waler Peter Coyte 2018
A Qualitative Investigation of the Mental Health Needs of Syrian Refugees and Immigrants Rosemary Yachouh Sean Kidd 2018
Empirical Estimation of Bias in Randomized and Nonrandomized Study Designs: A Meta- Epidemiological Case Study using TAVI vs. SAVR Saerom Youn David Urbach 2018
Genetic Counsellors’ Preferences for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: A Discrete Choice Experiment Elaine Goh Wendy Ungar /
Fiona Miller
Improving the Understanding and Care Management of Mental Health High-Cost Patients Cathy Phan Claire de Oliveira 2017
Development and Alpha Testing of a Fertility Decision Aid for Young Canadians Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at Risk of Infertility Following Cancer Treatment Brittany Speller Nancy Baxter 2017
Parents Experiences with Learning to Manage Medications in Pediatric Rehabilitation Alexandra Maryrose Stanhope G. Ross Baker 2017
Inter-facility Transport of Critically Ill Children in Ontario Janice Anne Tijssen Christopher Parshuram 2017
Do Quality Improvement Plans in Primary Care Improve Perceived Quality of Care? A Mixed-methods Study Kim Tran Irfan Dhalla 2017
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Preimplantation Genetic Screening with In Vitro Fertilization In Ontario Rhonda Gina Zwingerman Nan Okun 2017
What is the Patient’s Experience of Pain after a Fragility Fracture Albert Razvan Gheorghita Joanna Sale 2016
The Design and Content of Personal Support Worker Training Programs Keira Anne Grant Raisa Deber 2016
Survival, Treatment Patterns, and Identifying Predictors of Receipt of Adjuvant Therapy and Survival for Curative-intent Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: A Population-based Analysis Daniel Jonathan Kagedan Natalie Coburn 2016
Economic Evaluation of Infant Feeding Modalities for Mothers in Canada Living with HIV Reyhaneh Keshmiri Mona Loutfy 2016
Use of Transfusion Risk to Direct Blood Conservation Strategies in Hepatectomy Madeline F. Lemke Calvin Law 2016
Concordance between Need and Receipt of Social Support, Independence and Associations with Well- being in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Stacey E Morrison Dorcas Beaton 2016
Policy Analysis and Evaluation of National Clinician-reported Practices for the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Melanie Penner Wendy Ungar 2016
An Exploration of How Male Adolescents who had Childhood Cancer Make Sense of Infertility as a Long-term Effect of Cancer Treatments Sophie Isabelle Grace Roher Jennifer Gibson 2016
Responsive Behaviours in Dementia: Developing and Implementing the Behavioural Supports Ontario Initiative Delia Sinclair Frigault Raisa Deber 2016
Patient-level Social Determinants of Unplanned Hospital Readmission among General Internal Medicine Patients Robert William Smith Kerry Kuluski /
Lianne Jeffs
Development of a Decision Aid for Evidence- informed Public Health Policy: A Mixed Methods Study Peggy Pak Wai Tso Mark Dobrow 2016
Completing the Feedback Loop: An Assessment of the Implementation of an Early Stage Audit and Feedback Intervention in Primary Care Daniel Jonathan Wagner Noah Ivers 2016
Cost-effective Care Delivery Models in Ambulatory Surgery: Expedited Discharge and Virtual Care Kathleen Armstrong Peter Coyte 2015
Association between Stress and Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence among Women Living with HIV in Toronto, Ontario: Assessment of Correlates, Mediation and Moderation Anita Charline Benoit Mona Loutfy 2015
Organizational Learning in the Morbidity and Mortality Conference Michelle Batthish G. Ross Baker 2015
Use and Effect of Quantitative Clinical Feedback for Learning and Quality Improvement in Anesthesiology Andrea Lynne Brovender G. Ross Baker 2015
A Qualitative Study of Ontario Cancer System Leaders’ Views on the “Promises of Accountability” Jessica Bytautas Mark Dobrow 2015
Social Participation, Self-perception, and Social Support in Boys Living with Hemophilia Aubrey Serah Chiu Brian Feldman 2015
Real-world Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Second- line Pemetrexed versus Docetaxel in the Ontario Non-small-cell Lung Cancer Dolly Han Jeff Hoch 2015
Identifying Effective Instructional Design Features of Simulation in Nursing Education: A Realist Review Nazlin Hirji Rhonda Cockerill 2015
Engagement of Primary Care Providers in Care Coordination for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions Elizabeth Lockhart G. Ross Baker 2015
Association of Primary Care Structures with Patient Utilization of Acute Health Services Jocelyn Pang Walter Wodchis 2015
Validation of a Health-related Quality of Life Measure based on the Minimum Data Set by Mapping and Regression Tommy Lok Hin Tam Walter Wodchis 2015
Systematic Review of the Cost-effectiveness of Influenza Immunization Programs: A Canadian Perspective Eon Edward Kwokho Ting Wendy Ungar 2015
Setting the Balance of Care for Sexually Diverse Diverse Seniors: The Social Exclusion of LGBT Seniors in Home and Community Care Jillian Ruth Watkins Paul Williams 2015
Nurses’ Experiences with Providing Newborn Screening Education to Mothers in the Hospital: An Exploratory, Qualitative Research Study Diana Ann An Fiona Miller 2014
A Population Based Assessment of Primary Care Care Physician Visits and Acute Care Utilization Among Women Receiving Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Sarah Jane Bastedo Eva Grunfeld 2014
Help-seeking and use of Workplace Services for Emotional Needs among Community Residential Staff who Support Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Aggressive Behaviour Jennifer Marie Hensel Carolyn Dewa 2014
Exploring Characteristics of Networks that Enable Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE): A Mixed- methods Study Stephanie Hylmar Anna Gagliardi 2014
The PREVENT Study: Psychiatric Reporting to Ease Vehicular Events Near Traffic Andrew Lustig Donald Redelmeier 2014
The Core Features and Perceived Value of Family Support for Ethnoracial Homeless Individuals with Mental Illness: Findings from the At Home/Chez Soi Project Gayathri Naganathan Stephen Hwang 2014
An Exploration of the Role of Influentials in Increasing the Uptake of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Emily Pearsall Erin Kennedy 2014
The Sustainability and Long-term Outcomes of Knowledge Translation Projects: A 3-year Follow-up of the GAIN Collaborative Network Project Andra Ragusila Joanna Henderson 2014
Increasing the Uptake of Evidence-based Practice Determining Costs and Caregiver Burden Associated with Palliative Home Care Ruby Redmond-Misner Peter Coyte 2014
Hospital Readmissions among Patients who are Homeless in Toronto Dima Saab Stephen Hwang 2014
The Hawthorne Effect in Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Jocelyn Andyss Srigley G. Ross Baker 2014
Does Location Matter? How Neighbourhoods Influence Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Jason Eric Buick Laurie Morrison 2013
A Patient Opinion Survey to Identify Perceived Barriers to the Introduction of a Screening Program for Depression in a Hemodialysis Population Farhat Farrokhi Alexander Logan 2013
Exploring Ethicists’ Perspectives of Healthcare Ethics Program Effectiveness Kimberley Ibarra Jennifer Gibson 2013
An Economic Evaluation of Conception Strategies for Heterosexual Serodiscordant Couples with HIV- Positive Male Partners Michelle Letchumanan Mona Loutfy/
Peter Coyte
Disclosure of Safety Incidents Involving Pediatric Patients: A Review of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Legislation and Related Policies of Health Care Organizations Providing Care to Pediatric Patients Jill Susanne McCartney Raisa Deber 2013
Examination of the Association between Voluntary Accreditation and Resident Safety in Ontario Long Care Homes Shawna McDonald Laura Wagner 2013
The Costs and Benefits of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease at Different Stages of Severity – An Initial Exploration Vivian Wing Man Ng Peter Coyte 2013
The Surgical Management of Kidney Stone Disease in the Province of Ontario: A Population Based Time Series Analysis Michael H. Ordon David Urbach 2013
Innovations in Chronic Disease Management (CDM) from Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) Himanshu S. Parikh Onil Bhattacharyya 2013
The use of Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Translation in a Mentoring Network of Physicians to Optimize Roles in the Management of Chronic Pain Arun Radhakrishnan Alex Jadad 2013
Comparative Analysis of Long-term Care Policies and Placements Shannon Reynolds Walter Wodchis 2013
Partial Nephrectomy for the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma and the Risk of End Stage Renal Disease Stanley Yap Shabbir Alibhai 2013
Economic Implications of Alternative Sites of Deat Death and Sites of Care in Ontario Palliative Care Recipients Mo Yu Peter Coyte 2013
A Systematic Review and Appraisal of International Early Breast Cancer Guidelines for Systemic Therapy, and a Global Physician Survey Examining Practice Patterns by Resource Setting: Potential Implications for International Health Policy Sonal Gandhi Shabir Alibhai 2012
Perceptions of Emergency Department Team Members on the Implementation of Clinical Decision Units Cheryl Yu Chin Ku Louise Lemieux-Charles 2012
Pursuing Enterprise Risk Management: A Local Roadmap for Canadian Health Care Leaders James Haney Rhonda Cockerill 2012
Access to Colorectal Cancer Screening: Does Immigrant Status Matter Cara Murphy Patrice Lindsay 2012
The Effects of Immigrant Status and Ethnicity on on the Propensity and Intensity of Informal Care Received in Canada Carita Ng Peter Coyte 2012
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Inpatient Rehabilitation for Mild Stroke Patients – A Functional Recovery Analysis of Inpatient Rehabilitation for Mild Stroke Patients Nicole Pageau Jan Barnsley 2012
Family Physicians’ Perspectives on Computer-based Health Risk Assessment Tools for Chronic Diseases Rishi Teja Voruganti Eva Grunfeld 2012
Involvement of Primary Care Providers in the Care of Hospitalized Patients Stacey Sarah Brener Chaim Bell 2011
Parents’ Preferences for Drug Treatments in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Discrete Choice Experiment Heather Burnett Wendy Ungar 2011
The Experiences of Immigrants Seeking Healthcare in Toronto Ruth Campbell-Page David Fisman 2011
Utility Aassesment of Health-related Quality of Life (HRQOL) in Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Mixed Methodology Study Sarah Elizabeth Costa Jeffrey Hoch 2011
Needs Assessment, Knowledge Translation and Barriers to Implementing EEG Monitoring Technology in Critical Care Corrine Davies-Schinkel Robert Fowler 2011
A Cost Analysis of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter in Paediatrics Zhaoxin Dong Peter Coyte 2011
Stroke Services in Ontario-based Long Term Care Homes Chelsea Robin Hellings Walter Wodchis 2011
eHealth Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis of National Policies Maria Carolina Jimenez Alex Jadad 2011
Canadian Nursing Labour Force: Examining the Relationship between Job Dissatisfaction, Nurse Dissatisfaction and Intent to Quit Anshoo Kamal Audrey Laporte 2011
Health Care Service Provision Over the Palliative Care Trajectory Lisa Masucci Peter Coyte 2011
Assessing Primary Care PhysiciansAttitudes Towards Adoption of an Electronic Tool to Support Cancer Diagnosis Fatemeh Moeinedin David Wiljer 2011
Consensus on Access to Mental Health Services by Children and Adolescents in Antioquia, Colombia Carlos German Ruiz Whitney Berta 2011
Exploring Patients’ Perception of Osteoporosis Following a Fragility Fracture: Results of a Literature Review and Analysis of a Provincial Database Rebeka Sujic Dorcas Beaton 2011
Assessing the Determinants of Quality in Ontario’s Long-term Care Homes: Relationships between Staff and Resident Satisfaction Kevin Ross Walker Walter Wodchis 2011

MSc – Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Quality Improvement & Patient Safety – MSc Student Name Supervisor Year
Standardization of Sonographic Prognostication of Prenatally Diagnosed Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) Across the North American Fetal Therapy Network (NAFTNet) Nimrah Abbasi Patricia Trbovich 2018
A Quality Improvement Program to Standardize and Improve the Perioperative Management of Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada Sarah Elizabeth Ward G. Ross Baker 2018


PhD – Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Clinical Epidemiology & HCR – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
The Outcomes and Effects of Simple Bone Cysts Amy Behman James Wright 2019
The Management of Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction: A Population-based Analysis of Practices and Outcomes Ramy Behman Avery nathens 2019
Exploring Methodologic Challenges in the Conduct of Patient-preferences in Obstetrics Rohan D’Souza Beate Sander 2019
Association of Obesity with Breast Cancer Ana Elisa Constant Lohmann Palhares Pamela Goodwin 2019
Sodium Glucose co-Transporter 2 (SGLT2) Inhibitors for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Assessing their Safety and Effectiveness using Real-world Data Michael Paul Figueroa Fralick Donald Redelmeier 2019
Relationships between Urban Environments and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Nicholas Araki Howell Gillian Booth 2019
Development and Evaluation of a Novel Instrument to Measure Severity of Intraoperative Events Jiuk James Jung Peter Juni 2019
Patient Readmissions After Hospital Discharg Lauren E. Lapointe-Shaw Chaim Bell 2019
Understanding and Improving Wait Times for Hip Fracture Surgery Daniel Pincus Walter Wodchis 2019
Evaluating the Clinical Impact of Timing of Aneurysmal Treatment following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Sapna Rawal Andreas Laupacis 2019
Barriers to Access to Breast Reconstruction in Ontario Helene Retrouvey Nancy Baxter 2019
Hepatobiliary Pathology in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Amanda Ricciuto Geoffrey Nguyen 2019
Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacological and Non-pharmacological Interventions in Persons Living with Dementia Jennifer Ann Watt Sharon Elizabeth Straus 2019
The Spectrum, Impact, and Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Ontario Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer Husam-Eldin Mohamed Abdel-Qadir Geoff Anderson 2018
Maternal Critical Illness in Canada: Temporal and Geographic Trends, Predictors of Outcome, and an Examination of the Variability in Provision of Critical Care Kazuyoshi Aoyama Robert Fowler 2018
The Influence of Prehospital Times on Trauma Mortality James Paul Byrne Avery Nathens 2018
Surgical, Pharmacological, and Patient Factors Affecting Early and or Late Outcomes Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery Saswata Deb Stephen Fremes 2018
A Population-based Evaluation of Long-term Outcomes following Major Burn Injury Stephanie Mason Avery Nathens 2018
Patient-Centered Interventional Outcomes for Children with Severe Neurologic Impairment Katherine Nelson Astrid Guttmann 2018
The Identification and Management of Sepsis in the Prehospital Setting Daniel Lane Damon Scales 2018
Malignancy and Solid Organ Transplantation: Evalua ting Cancer Mortality, Pretransplant Malginancies,  and Cancer Screening Sergio Andres Acuna Mancilla Nancy Baxter 2017
Post-thrombotic Syndrome in Pediatrics: Development of a Measurement Index Maria Laura Avila Brian Feldman 2017
Incidence and Prognosis of Post-traumatic Headache in Adults Carolina Cancelliere David Cassidy 2017
Barriers to Early Physical Rehabilitation in Mechanically Ventilated Patient Shannon Lynn Goddard Brian Cuthbertson 2017
Improving the Design and Analysis of Prognosis Studies in Rare Diseases Siok Hoon Lily Lim Brian Feldman 2017
Processes and Structures of Care for Critically Ill Patients with Acute Brain Injury Victoria McCredie Avery Nathens 2017
Chemoprevention in Kidney Cancer Madhur Nayan David Juurlink 2017
The Development of Outcome Measures and Identification of Effective Behavioural Modification Strategies to Study the Efficacy of Habitual Physical Activity on Health Outcome in  Children with Chronic Disease Samantha Stephens Brian Feldman 2017
Team-based Electronic Communication in the Care of Patients with Complex Conditions Rishi Teja Voruganti Eva Grunfeld 2017
Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer: Biological  and Epidemiological Observations to Improve Cancer-Free and Survival Metrics Christopher James Derrick Wallis Robert Nam 2017
Non-anemic Iron Deficiency and Health Outcomes in  Pre-school Children Kawsari Abdullah Patricia Parkin 2016
Should Network Meta-analysis Become the Standard in Evidence-based Clinical Practice? Romina Brignardello Petersen George Tomlinson 2016
A Novel Approach to Integrating Best Evidence and Patient Preferences into Treatment Recommendations for Rheumatoid Arthritis Glen Stewart Hazlewood Claire Bombardier 2016
Clinical Outcomes of Pediatric Intestinal Failure Management after Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Intestinal Rehabilitation Program Carol Oliveira Paul Wales 2016
School Function in Children Following Traumatic Brain Injury: Developing a New Outcome Measure Shobhan Haresh Vachhrajani Dorcas Beaton/
Abhaya Kulkarni
Development and Validation of a New Measure of Impairment in Myasthenia Gravis: The Myasthenia Gravis Impairment Index Carolina Barnett Tapia Aileen Davis 2015
Choosing Mastectomy: A Qualitative Exploration of the Increasing Mastectomy Rates in Women with Early-stage Breast Cancer Andrea Marie Covelli Nancy Baxter/ Frances Wright 2015
The Timing of Modifiable Environmental Exposures During Childhood Affects the Age of Asthma Development Frances Elinor Simons Teresa To 2015
Process of Care and Outcome of Critically Ill Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury Abdulaziz Alali Avery Nathens 2014
Socioeconomic Status, Diagnostic Interval Length and Outcome in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Sumit Gupta Lillian Sung 2014
Optimizing Audit and Feedback Interventions to Improve Quality in Primary Care Noah Michael Ivers Merrick Zwarenstein 2014
A Risk Stratification Model for Adult Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Development and Evaluation Tetyana Kendzerska George Tomlinson 2014
Antibody-mediated Injury and Kidney Transplantation Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze Alexander Logan 2014
Examining the Effects of Dementia on the Postoperative Outcomes of Older Adults with Hip Fractures Dallas Peter Seitz Paula Rochon 2014
Work Disability Among Injured Workers with Chronic Upper Extremity Disorders: Measurement and Mechanismthe Relationship between Use and Inpatient Mortality and Length of Stay Kenneth Kin-Lap Tang Dorcas Beaton 2014
Quantifying Uncertainty in the Efficacy of Vitamin K on Fractures in Postmenopausal Women: Economic Evaluation, Evidence Synthesis and Bayesian Meta-analysis Olga Gajic-Veljanoski Angela Cheung 2013
A Multi-dimensional Outcomes Study in an Inception Cohort of Patients with Interrupted Aortic Arch Anusha Jegatheeswaran Brian McCrindle 2013
Making More Valid Estimates of Treatment Effect Using Observational Data in Uncommon Disease: The Warfarin in Scleroderma-associated Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Model Sindhu Rose Johnson Brian Feldman 2013
Metformin and Prostate Cancer among Diabetic Men David Margel David Urbach 2013
Complications Following Total Joint Arthroplasty Joint Arthroplasty in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Bheeshma Ravi Gillian Hawker 2013
Development and Evaluation of a Tailored Knowledge Translation Intervention to Improve Lay Health Workers Ability to Effectively Support TB Treatment Lisa Marie Puchalski Ritchie Merrick Zwarenstein 2013
An Empirical Study of Bias in Randomized Controlled Trials and Non-randomised Studies of Surgical Interventions Lakhbir Sandhu David Urbach 2013
Measurement Properties of the Whiplash Disability Questionnaire in Acute Whiplash-Associated Disorders Maja Stupar Pierre Cote 2013
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Adverse Events: A Canadian Perspective Henry Ahn James Wright 2012
Optimizing the Tailored Treatment of Breast Cancer Eitan Amir Ian Tannock 2012
Health Services Utilization among Persons Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Ontario Tony Antoniou Richard Glazier 2012
An Investigation of the Journey of Care Related to Secondary Health Conditions for Community-dwelling Persons with Spinal Cord Injury Sara Jane Taylor Guilcher Susan Jaglal 2012
Cervical Cancer Screening among Ontario’s Urban Immigrants Aisha Kamilah O. Lofters Richard Glazier 2012
Clinical Implications of HIV-1, HSV-2, Co-infection and Opportunites for Intervention Darrell Hoi-San Tan Sharon Walmsley/
Allan Detsky
Facilitating Clinical Trials of Parenteral Lipid Strategies for the Prevention of Intestinal Failure Associated Liver Disease (IFALD) in Infants Ivan Russell Diamond Brian Feldman/
Paul Wales
Sexual Risk Behaviour, HIV, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in a Cohort of Kenyan Female Sex Workers, 1993-2007 Susan Marie Graham Ahmed Bayoumi 2011
Evaluating the Harm of Drugs in the Post-marketing Environment using Observational Research Methods Laura Park Andreas Laupacis 2011
Labour Force Participation and Health-related Quality of Life in People Living with HIV Sergio Ismael Rueda Cameron Mustard 2011
Phenotypic Characterization of Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Mary Sherlock David Urbach
Economic Evaluation of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Studies in Utilities and Decision Modeling Harindra Channa Wijeysundera Murrah Krahn 2011

PhD – Organization and Management Studies (prev. Health Services Organization and Management)

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Services Organization and Management – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
A Multi-Methods Study of the Role of Middle Managers in Brokering Knowledge in Hospitals Faith Dawn Boutcher Anna Gagliardi 2019
Integration of Services in Child and Youth Mental Health: A Case Study Renee Sloos Anna Gagliardi 2019
Letting Stories Breathe: Using Patient Stories for Organizational Learning and Improvement Carol Ann Fancott G. Ross Baker 2016
Health Literate Discharge Practices in Ontario Hospital Jennifer Innis Jan Barnsley/
Whitney Berta
Insights into Nurses’ Work: Exploring Relationships among Work Attitudes and Work-related Behaviours Tyrone Anthonio Perreira Whitney Berta 2016
The Organizational Context of Care Transition Interventions: Case Studies from Ontario Karen Beth Born G. Ross Baker 2015
Health Systems Integration: Competing or Shared Mental Models Jenna Madeleine Evans G. Ross Baker 2014
Evidence Based Strategic Decision Making in Ontario Public Hospitals Melanie Kazman Kohn Whitney Berta 2013
Do Boards Matter?  The Links Between Governance, Organizational Monitoring and Alignment Capacity and Hospital Performance Paula Neves Louise Lemieux-Charles 2012
Understanding and Changing the Patient Safety Culture in Canadian Hospitals Madelyn Pearl Law G. Ross Baker 2011
Moving Patients Across Organizations: Exploring The Antecedents of Effective and Efficient Patient Referral Processes Tina Saryeddine Louise Lemieux-Charles 2011

PhD – Health Policy

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Policy – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
Visions and Shadows: A Socio-history of the Mental-health Policy Reform Agenda in Canada Stephen Matthew Durant Fiona Webster 2019
The Effect of Free Distribution of Essential Medicines on Adherence by Income Sources and Level Bryan Krol Navindra Persaud 2019
Comparing Patient Engagement and Patient Advocacy Activities and Measuring Preferred Roles in Medical Decision Making among Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Caregivers, Family Members and Patient Advocates Daniel Saliba Raisa Deber 2019
Caregiver Support Policies in Ontario: Analyzing the Pace and Direction of Policy Change Natalie Irene Warrick Paul Williams 2019
The Influence of Organizational and Health System Arrangements on Priority-setting for Health Technology Assessment: A Comparative Case Study of Canada and the United Kingdom Juliana Young Yi Fiona Miller 2019
Primary Health Care Performance Measurement and Accountability in Ontario Shaheena Mukhi Raisa Deber /
Janet M. Barnsley
One Hundred Twenty Years of Canadian Academic Medicine: How Michael Porter Became the New Abraham Flexner Robert a. Paul Zubin Austin 2018
Primary Care Patients’ Preferred Roles in Treatment Decision-making in an era of Increased Health Information Vidhi Thakkar Raisa Deber 2018
Ontario’s Retirement Homes and Long-term Care Homes: Policy Implications for CAre Services, Funding and Governance Regimes Blair A. Roblin Raisa Deber 2017
Caring for Caregivers: Establishing Resilience through Social Capital Alexandra Peckham Paul Williams 2016
Commercialization, Collaboration and Conflict of Interest: An Institutional Work Analysis of Academic Entrepreneurship in Canada Renata Emily Axler Fiona Miller 2015
Tipping Points for Institutional Care for Persons Living with Dementia: Analyzing the Policy Trajectory in Ontario Frances Margaret Morton-Chang Paul Williams 2015
Paying for Primary Care: The Relationship between Payment Change and Primary Care Physician Behaviour David Rudoler Raisa Deber 2015
An Evaluation of a Universal Funding Program_for Insulin Pumps for Children and Teens with Type 1 Diabetes Rayzel Malka Shulman Astrid Guttmann 2015
Managing Conflict of Interest in Health Care: The Roles of Professionalism and Regulatory Colleges Debra Lydia Catherine Zelisko Raisa Deber/
Audrey Laporte
Accountability in Ontario’s Acute Care Hospital Sector and its Effect on Organizational Strategic Priorities Seija Kristina Kromm Raisa Deber 2014
Different Approaches to Care for the Terminally Ill: Barriers and Facilitators to (Best Practice) Service Provision Christopher Alexander Klinger Raisa Deber 2013
Accountability in the Home and Community Care Sector in Ontario Carolyn Alice Steele Gray Raisa Deber 2013
Who are the High Users of Health Care Services? Determinants and Stability of Heatlh Care Expenditure Trajectories in Manitoba Kenneth Cheak Kwan Lam Raisa Deber 2012

PhD – Health Services Outcomes and Evaluation

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Services Outcomes and Evaluation – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
Self-management Support Needs and Longitudinal Trajectories of Symptom Burden on Survival in Advanced Breast Cancer: A Population-based Study Suman Budhwani Doris Howell 2019
Managing Multimorbidity in Primary Care: Measuring Collaboration Efforts Within and Across Organizational Boundaries Anum Irfan Khan Walter Wodchis 2019
Induced Abortion in Ontario Ning Liu Joel Ray 2019
Evaluating Extra-organizational Communities of Practice Kaileah Alyssa McKellar Rhonda Cockerill 2019
Implementing Dialectical Behavioural Therapy: The Study of Fidelity and the Fidelity-adaptation Relationship Nadia Nandlall Sanjeev Sridharan 2019
Using Electronic Medical Records to Examine Childhood Obesity Outcomes in Community-based Primary Care Sarah Elizabeth Carsley Patricia Parkin 2018
Ethnic Variation in Prediabetes Incidence and Outcomes among Immigrants and Long-Term Residents Ghazal Sanam Fazli Gillian Booth 2018
An Exploration of Support Needs of Family Caregivers of Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Qualitative Study Gayathiri Jeyathevan Susan Jaglal 2018
Scaling Up Health Services Delivery for Bottom of the Pyramid Populations in Lower-and-Middle-Income Countries Ramanjeet Sohal Onil Bhattacharyya 2018
An Examination of Fragility Fractures that Occur in Ontario Workplaces Chamila Dilanjali Adhihetty Susan Jaglal 2017
Examining the Relationship between Exercise and Sedentary Behaviour among Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients to Inform Intervention Strategies Aviroop Biswas David Alter 2017
The Association of Health Literacy and Self-efficacy to Cancer Chemotheray Self-management Behaviours and Health Service Utilization Janet Kathleen Papadakos Doris Howell 2017
The Quality of Care Among Older Adults with Diabetes Comorbid with Other Chronic Conditions Yelena Petrosyan Walter Wodchis 2017
Outcomes and Costs of Post-Acute Care Pathways in Hip Fracture Patients – Implications of Trade-Offs in Resource Allocation Kristen Blythe Pitzul Susan Jaglal 2017
A Realist Evaluation of Family Navigation in Youth Mental Health and Addictions Nadine Reid Rhonda Cockerill /
Janet Durbin
Mobile Technology and Health Apps: Patient and Provider Experiences in Cardiac Rehabilitation Sarah Louise Sharpe G. Ross Baker 2017
Insights into the Impact of Med Rec Implementation at Admission in Acute and Long Term Care Settings in Alberta Aleksandra Stanimirovic Whitney Berta 2017
Exploring Patient-centered Primary Care in Family Health Teams Heidi Janette Pearl Amernic Heather Boon 2016
Determinants of Disability and Disablement in Ontario Long-term Care Residents Natasha Erin Lane Walter Wodchis 2016
Corporate Board Health and Safety Governance Committees: Do they Make any Difference? John Harvey Murphy Rhonda Cockerill 2016
Assessing the Prevalence, Penetration and Performance of Hospital Physicians in Ontario: Implications for the Quality and Efficiency of Inpatient Care Heather Lynn White Richard Glazier 2016
Predicting Individual-level Probabilities of Diabetes and Dementia Using Health Services Administrative Data Munaza Rubee Chaudhry Geoff Anderson 2015
Mental Health Service Use Patterns for Immigrant Groups in Ontario: Population Based Studies Anna Durbin Richard Glazier 2015
Frontline Measures: Evaluating HIV Prevention at AIDS Service Organizations Nicole Rachel Greenspan Rhonda Cockerill 2015
Printed Educational Materials for Primary Care Physicians Agnieszka Grudniewicz Sharon Straus 2015
How does Ontario Primary Care Perform? Effectiveness, Costs and Efficiency Maude Pascale Laberge Walter Wodchis 2015
Introducing the “Third Phase” of Priority Setting: Advancing Methods for Priority Setting Practice through the Contribution of Systems Theory. Lessons from a Case Study of District Health Planning and Priority Setting in Ethiopia Kadia Petricca Whitney Berta/
Jennifer Gibson
Cost-effectiveness of Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Calibration Analysis of Decision-analytic Models Ba Dinh Pham Murray Krahm 2015
Practical Virtues: An Evidence-based Ethical Framework for Approaching End-of-life Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Constance Willilams Jennifer Gibson/ Andreas Laupacis 2015
Entrepreneurship in Publicly-funded Hospitals: A Multi-case Study of Privately Funded Rehabilitation in Ontario Hospitals Anna Ballon-Kaushansky Whitney Berta 2014
A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Maternal Genotying to Guide Treatment for Postpartum Pain and Avert Infant Adverse Events Myla Emily Moretti Wendy Ungar 2014
Considerations for a Targeted Self-management Program for Individuals with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Sarah Elizabeth Patricia Munce Susan Jaglal 2014
Adoption and Use of High Technology Medical Imaging in Ontario Hospitals: The Determinants of Adoption and the Relationship between Use and Inpatient Mortality and Length of Stay Guillermo Arturo Sandoval Garces Geoff Anderson 2014
Access to Trauma Centre Care in Canada: A National Comparison Andrea Dionne Hill Robert Fowler 2013
Benefits of an E-learning Intervention for Implementing Stroke Rehabilitation Best Practices Anita Menon Sharon Straus 2013
Public, Private and Informal Homecare in Canada: What are the Determinants of Utilization and the Interrelationships among Different Types of Services? Gustavo Mery Audrey Laporte/
Walter Wodchis
Accuracy of Ontario Health Administrative Databases Identifying Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Jessica Widdifield Claire Bombardier 2013
The Relationship between Nurse Staffing and Patient Satisfaction in Emergency Departments Imtiaz Daniel Jan Barnsley 2012
The Effect of Colon Cancer Check Program on Colorectal Cancer Screening in Ontario Gladys Honein Arlene Bierman 2012
Working Together Across Primary Care, Mental Health & Addictions: Exploring the Association Between The Formalization of Organizational Partnerships & Collaboration Among Staff Members Enette Pauze Jan Barnsley 2012
Demand for Health among Canadians: Roles of Immigration Status, Country of Origin and Year since Immigration Kednapa Thavorn Peter Coyte 2012
The Influence of Nurse Employment Status on Market Level Nurse Retention Frieda Hyla Daniels Audrey Laporte 2011
The Application of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Developing Countries Cindy Low Gauvreau Wendy Ungar 2011
Implementation of Electronic Medical Records and Preventive Services: A Mixed Methods Study Michelle Greiver Jan Barnsley 2011
Patterns, Determinants and Spatial Analysis of Health Service Utilization Following the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai Peter Coyte 2011
How Organizational Experiments Influence Organizational Learning San Wen Ng Whitney Berta 2011
Supporting Public Health Policy Decision-making through Economic Evaluation: Applications and Methods Beate Sander Murray Krahn 2011

PhD – Health Informatics Research

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Informatics Research – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
Publication and Registration Bias in Randomized Clinical Trials Mustafa Al-Durra Joseph Cafazzo 2019
Innovative Research Methods to Evaluate Effective Engagement with Consumer Mobile Health Applications for Chronic Conditions Quynh Pham Joseph Cafazzo/
Emily Seto
The eHealth Trust Model: Understanding the Patient Privacy Perspective in a Digital Health Environment Nelson Shen David Wiljer 2019
Implementation, Scale, and Spread of Telemonitoring for the Management of Heart Failure Patrick Ware Emily Seto 2019
Engaging Patients in Health and Health Care Processes: The Role of Patient Platforms Claudia S.W. Lai Aviv Shachak 2018
The Development and Pilot Test of a Shortened Systematic Review Format for Use by Physicians Laure Anne Perrier Sharon Straus 2015
Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Phone-based Remote Patient Monitoring System for Heart Failure Management: A Focus on Self-care Emily Seto Kevin Leonard 2011

PhD – Health Economics

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Economics – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
An Investigation into Relationships between Organizational Structure, Regulation and Quality in Ontario Nursing Homes Meghan McMahon Audrey Laporte 2019
Temporal Trends in Home-based Palliative Care: Evidence from Ontario, Canada Zhuolu Sun Peter Coyte 2018
Economics of Maternal and Child Nutrition: Food Fortification with Vitamin A in Tanzania Dylan David Walters Audrey Laporte 2018
An Investigation of Approaches to Performance Measurement: Applications to Long-Term Care in Ontario Amy The-Mei Hsu Audrey Laporte 2015
Does Predictive Genetic Information Change Individual Health Behaviours? An Evaluation of Personalized Medicine in Cancer Prevention Soo-Min Joanne Kim Audrey Laporte 2015
Essays on the Economics of Longevity Mayvis Anthony Rebeira Peter Coyte 2015

PhD – Health Technology Assessment

Thesis Topics - 2011 to date
Health Technology Assessment – PhD Student Name Supervisor Year
The Economic Evaluation of Early Intervention with Anti-TNF-alpha Treatments in Paediatric Crohn’s Disease Naazish Sultana Bashir Wendy Ungar 2019
Generating Evidence to Streamline the Clinical Pathway in Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Simulation Models: Cost-effectiveness Comparisons of Screening and Genetic Testing Strategies Tracy Yuen Wendy Ungar 2017