Feedback and reflections gathered from participants in the Vernissage Health dialogue series describing it’s impact on their life and careers in health care leadership.

  • “There was incredible openness and authenticity in the shared personal stories and very sensitive leadership by the project team. Everyone made the personal investment to pay attention and listen to one another.”

  • “Vernissage Health is truly unlike any other leadership develop or “networking/mentorship” opportunity. I certainly learned more about myself as a person and leader, my goals and my capabilities in a more holistic sense.”

  • “The exercise of writing a letter to my future self was like looking into a crystal ball and seeing the person that I’d hoped to be some day.  It knitted together my ideas about personal values, professional integrity and leadership style, into a manifestation of myself that I could relate to and learn from. Through that process, I realized I was actually getting to know my authentic self, which has helped me to be a better person to the people around me and a better leader within my organization.”